How can I increase the speed in zee5 on a Smart TV?

I am not sure, but there are chances that you are streaming video in low resolution. Make sure you are connected to high speed internet and try increasing the quality of the video. You can also download the same content on your phone or laptop and then use your TV wirelessly. This makes it possible for you to continue watching even if someone is using your TV. You can also buy a smart TV with a memory card slot, and then you don’t need to worry about the storage issue.

Zee5 is a video streaming application, so the performance of your smart TV depends on the internet connection. You need to have a stable connection in order to enjoy good quality video streaming. Also, you need to provide your TV with all the necessary permissions for accessing the internet. All you have to do is make sure that you are using high speed internet for seamless streaming of content.

Zee5, as an Ott platform, started as a mobile application and later expanded its horizon with online streaming content. It is now available on TV, too, and you can enjoy your favorite Indian shows using this smart TV app. You can also download movies and use Zee5 to watch them offline.

You can watch all the popular movies, shows, songs, etc. available in Zee5, but You need to clear cache, if any, and check your router properly, also check if other OTTs are working fine on your TV; if not then it is a smart TV related issue.

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