My smart TV crashes on playing games. How to fix it?

You need to make sure that your TV’s OS is updated. Go to settings and check for updates; if any are available, download them first. 

Secondly, make sure you are using an online game that supports an ultra HD display for a better experience. Never play games when the data connection is slow or unstable. If you are still facing problems, contact the customer care of your TV as they will provide a solution as per specific model.

If you want to play games on your smart TV, make sure it is compatible with the game and also check if the UHD display of your smart TV supports ultra HD resolution as some of the models do not support this feature.

Gaming in Smart TV is still not stable; there are performance issues with some of the models. If you want to enjoy a fast gaming experience, then you can go for an Android TV box that does not require you to connect your gamepad.

If you think the issue is with the gamepad, check if it is compatible with smart tv otherwise, it is recommended to update the os and reinstall games from the play store, and check if the game runs smoothly on your smart TV. Playstation, Xbox, and other gaming consoles can be connected to a smart TV too.

Wifi support on Smart TV is included in most of the models nowadays. You need to make sure that your wifi router provides good signal strength; otherwise, you will face internet connectivity issues. Make sure you are using a high speed broadband connection to enjoy playing games smoothly.

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