4 Best TV Under 10000 in India (2022)

You have arrived at the perfect place if you’re looking for a TV under 10000. Here is a list of televisions in the price range of under 10,000, usually having screen sizes ranging from 24 inches to 32 inches. It would help if you always considered certain things in the process of buying a television, such as a screen’s resolution, its quality, and the television’s audio output. Several well-known brands, including Kevin, Kodak, VW, eAirtec, and Sony, sell LED TVs with many advanced features at very affordable prices. Check out our price list, which contains 4 Best TV under 10000 in India, and choose your favorite model.

Buying Guide: What To Consider While Buying A Tv?

Now, picking out a suitable TV for yourself isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. TVs come in HD, 4K, and 8K formats, so consumers are spoilt for choice. To buy the correct TV, you need to know your needs and the options within your budget. With this guide, you can choose a TV set according to your needs.


The most crucial step when purchasing a Smart TV is to decide on a budget. They range in price from low-end models to more expensive models. It is even possible to get a Smart TV for as little as Rs 10,000, or with a maximum fee of over Rs 3 lakh. By determining your price range for your Smart TV, you can then narrow down the other features and compare them.


Like I said earlier, the Smart TV market is currently experiencing tight competition. Many different brands compete against each other, including Samsung, Kevin, Kodak, VW, eAirtec, etc. They all have their qualities and reputations. All of these companies offer different products of varying quality. Their prices are directly proportional to their quality. Among Impex’s selection of Smart TVs, you can find a range of low-priced models. All brands mentioned above have equal benefits, so choosing among them is really up to you.

Display Resolution

A smart TV display’s resolution refers directly to its clarity or sharpness. Pixels are usually used to measure resolution. High resolution means more clarity. Today, smart TVs are available in a wide range of resolutions, including 720p (HD), Full-HD (1080p), WUXGA, 2K (2048 x 1080), 4K (3840×2,160 pixels), and 8K (7,680×4,320 pixels). Our eyes enjoy watching HD displays as well. 

The viewing experience will be immersive. Experiencing a higher resolution can be unreal. An HD Smart TV can be chosen from various models like the Onix 32 inch LED TV; Mi LED 4C PRO 32inch HD Ready Android TV, etc. If you are looking for an LED TV that is full HD, you can decide between the Mi TV 4A Pro 43 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV, or the TCL 40 inch LED TV 40G300. 

One of the best 2K Smart TVs is the 49-inch Android LED TV from TCL and the 43-inch Android UltraHD TV from TCL. In addition to 4K and 8K resolution Smart TVs, some offer crystal-clear clarity. Prices will be slightly higher, however. If you have a large budget to spend on a smart TV with ultra-high definition, you can check out Sony’s 43 inches 4K LED TV KD-43X8000G, and LG’s 43 inches 4K LED TV KD-43X8000G. 

Here are a few examples of the resolutions of the models above. Many other brands have their models as well. MyG offers a vast selection of Smart TVs from different brands at the lowest prices.

Screen Size

We enjoyed watching movies and shows on CRT televisions for a long time. Smart TVs have a larger screen size. Once the companies stopped producing them, TVs with slim designs and large screens started appearing. More giant screens became much more popular after such TVs were invented. Yes, big screens offer a much better viewing experience. You will enjoy watching movies or playing games on the gigantic screens, even if your PlayStation is connected. 

Nonetheless, some people may find such large screens uncomfortable. Larger Smart TVs may not be suitable for some rooms. Smaller ones would be more suitable in this situation. You may want a larger audience if many people are watching. Choose the correct screen size according to the purpose. Many different sizes and shapes of Smart TVs are available on the market, from 24 inches to 65 inches and beyond. Be sure to choose a screen size that will fit your budget as well. 

Here is a general guideline. A 32-inch Smart TV would be ideal for viewing distances of 3 to 5 feet, 40-inch Smart TVs for viewing lengths of 4 to 6 feet, 49-inch Smart TVs for viewing distances of 6 to 8 feet, and 65-inch Smart TVs or bigger for viewing distances above that. Take into account your available space as well. These tips can help you select a smart TV that’s right for you.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate indicates how often a picture gets refreshed in one second in Hertz (Hz). The industry standard is 60Hz. A higher refresh rate will make your viewing more seamless. Frequently, 60Hz can create a pacy picture, so the manufacturers upgraded the refresh rate to 120Hz. 60Hz will suffice as a gaming monitor, but if you go for the better one, you will have a more immersive experience.

Display Type

Intelligent TVs are most effective when their screen is enormous. The modern market is filled with a wide array of TVs that feature a variety of display panels, including LCD, LEC, OLED, and QLED. With the introduction of LED and OLED panels, LCD TVs aren’t as popular as they once were. LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) were developed after CRT displays were predeceased. 

LED, OLED, and QLED technologies replaced LCD technology, making LCD somewhat drab. LED displays are currently the most popular displays. In addition to a liquid crystal display, the Smart TV is backlit by a light-emitting diode (LED), making the TV slimmer and providing a brighter viewing experience. Smart LED TVs consume less energy and therefore are more popular. 

The QLED technology uses quantum dots, a semiconductor, to produce colored lights in QLEDs. Displays such as these are brighter and more colorful than LED screens. In comparison to LED displays, QLED collections offer more vibrant visuals. In contrast, QLED is an expensive display. As with QLED, OLED TVs are also costly and use organic light-emitting diodes (OLED). 

If you want to buy OLED Smart TVs, you should have a better budget because OLED emits light when they receive current. Those who have the money should not look any further, and it will surely be worth the effort. For those with a limited budget, LED screens are an excellent option. Alternatively, you could go for an OLED or QLED if you have a better budget.


HDMI ports are found on many modern console boxes, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes. Your visuals will not be as clear if you connect to ports like component ports. To avoid this, make sure the Smart TV has at least two HDMI ports. 

More HDMI ports can even be found on some Smart TVs. Additionally, it should have USB ports for connecting your smartphone, Chromecast, Pendrive, etc. Even if you choose to have additional ports, it will be better since they may prove helpful in the future. A Smart TV can connect to the Internet, which differs from other TVs. It may even offer apps like Netflix and Android apps. 

The things mentioned above should be kept in mind when choosing a Smart TV. Find out how the TV performs, compare the price with the specifications, and select your favorite. In the myG online store, you’ll find a wide range of reputable Smart TVs. As one of the leading online stores offering top-quality Smart TVs, they have gained a reputation as a trusted source. Your Smart TV will be delivered to you today from myG.


Video in HDR is more vivid than standard video. HDR supports TVs that give a broader color spectrum, have a wider color gamut, and show brighter and clearer images. Moreover, HDR video offers a higher contrast level. Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ are both HDR variations. 

Color depth is 10 bits for the former and 12 bits for the latter, which is better. Several brands support the Dolby vision format, including LG, TCL, and Sony. Although there are slight differences between the two layouts, you can proceed with either one. You will undoubtedly spice up your visuals, no matter what format you choose.

List of 4 Best TV Under 10000 in India with Pros & Cons

eAirtec (24 inches) 24DJ LED TV

In addition to their HD (720p) resolution and A+ Zero Dot screen, the eAirtec series gives you videos that are clear, dazzling, and colorful. Those searching for an affordable home theater display should choose this version of the 24DJ. Bright buttons, easy connection options, and intelligent buttons have made almost everything simple and easy. 

A high level of user comfort is ensured by this model’s 178° viewing angle and a total of 24″ inch screen size. The manufacturer will always provide high-quality products with low refresh rates (60 Hz) and wide screens supporting 1366 x 768 pixels. 

The product has two USB ports to connect your digital devices to it. The 61 cms (24 inches) 24D VGA/HDMI/USB features HDMI output, built-in speakers, 10Wx 2, 5.1ch output power, a headphone amplifier, and PC-free mode.

VW (32 inches) VW32A LED TV

An affordable HD Ready monitor for professionals, the VW 80 cm (32 inches) is a professional-grade display. You can quickly transfer and view images with a laptop or PC when it’s connected via HDMI. Featuring a high-resolution WQHD panel and a pair of 10W speakers, this monitor provides crisp, deep sound. 

The LED HDTV boasts a 60Hz efficient refresh rate, intuitive operation, and no-TV-image, making it the perfect audio-visual entertainment device. A multifunctional LED tv, this LED TV has HDMI x 2 and 3.5 mm audio, USB 2.0 x 2, and an AV port.

Kodak (32 Inches) 32HDX900S LED TV.

Due to Kodak’s reputation as a camera manufacturer, the name is familiar to most of us. You can trust Kodak when it comes to LED TVs, which is why you’re here. The Dynamic Picture Enhancement program significantly enhances the color gamut and improves contrast, resulting in a better picture. 

The panel will last a long time with no dots, full blast picture quality. A Kodak television comes with the best possible panels. Watch your favorite movies, series, videos, pictures, and anything else you like on your Kodak LED TV. It has multiple HDMI & USB ports. Televisions come with narrow bezels explicitly designed for Indian households, which give you the whole experience of a big screen. 

No matter where you are in the living room, the perfect details will be visible without extended angles and increased brightness. Audio systems provide quality sound and exceptional audio quality. Let the action begin. Motion Estimation & Motion Compensation’s 64-bit chip is not fast enough. Immerse yourself in content that is action-packed.

Kevin (24 Inches) KN24832 LED TV

This 24-inch screen TV is part of the Kevin Series. It features (left to right) an HDCVI engine, a 720p resolution, a response time of 8 milliseconds, and a 16 million-color projection system. Kevin’s KN2483 diagonal curved screen monitor features 20W stereo speakers that enhance the overall shopping experience. With Kevin KN2483, you can enjoy your favorite entertainment system in any office or home environment. 

The work done in KN2483 is of the highest quality and aesthetic, which creates an atmosphere of luxury. The increased refresh rate and large screen of this TV add to the enjoyment of watching it. Connectivity options include an HDMI connection, a USB port, and an RF port. With this wall mountable T-MOUNTABLE product, you can operate it up to 7ft away from the base.

I Didn’t Find My Choice, Show Me Best Selling TV Under 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, 60,000, 70000, 80,000


Here, we have outlined and explained all the tips and tricks to selecting the best smart TV under Rs.10000 at the end of this article. According to our research, eAirtec (24 inches) 24DJ is the best bright LED under 10,000 rupees because it gives you an enhanced visual effect and broad visibility. Image quality is sharper, and the image does not blur from all angles. Sound quality is more profound and rich with box speakers, making them a perfect choice for sports and movies.

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