If I buy a smart TV from an online facility, who will come to install it if I am living in a small city?

Usually, the eCommerce websites deliver the product within a few days. If you are living in a small town or city, then delivery might take a little longer than that. You can call them to get the approximate time of delivery after placing your order. 

As soon as they deliver it to you, you can expect installation service from M/s Flipkart within 2-3 days, depending upon their schedule and availability of technicians in your city. This is applicable for other websites, too, like Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. The installation charges vary depending on brand and model, but usually, it’s around Rs 1000-1500 at the present rate. Also, there are local service providers available who charge less than this amount to install it for you; however, before availing their services, make sure if they have technicians who can do the installation for your model.

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You can also do it by yourself, but before doing so, ensure that you have all the necessary tools with you. The instruction manual will help you to understand each step properly.

There are many other sources available on the internet that will help you to get step by step information about the installation process. The necessary points that you need to remember if you do it by yourself are mentioned below.

1) Make sure you have all the tools required for installation with you.

2) Go through the manual properly before performing anything.

3) In case any problems occur, contact their customer support or visit their website. If you are not able to solve the problem on your own, then take it to an authorized service center.

4) Follow each step that is included in the manual; if you are not able to understand, go through the manual twice if needed.

5) It is advisable to check the warranty period; if any issue arises after that, you will have to pay the charges for repairs or replacement.

6) Ensure that you follow all safety precautions mentioned in the user guide before starting the installation process.

7) All steps should be followed in the correct order; otherwise, it might lead to further damage to the TV.

To check if your installation is done properly or not, you can connect your TV to another TV using an AV cable. Watch the TVs simultaneously to compare the picture quality of both the TVs.

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