For How Many Years Does a mi Smart TV Usually Work?

MI TV is an Android TV that is smart as it can be. It supports 4K resolution, HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision. There are a lot of interesting features that go into it, including Google Assistant, AI and Google Play store. MI Smart TV is a feature for users to set up their channels and … Read more

How do you rate the performance of the Samsung Smart TV 65 inches model?

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For LG Smart TV 43 inch in one day how many units (power) needed?

Before we proceed with the power consumption, it’s necessary to understand how the TV operates. Once we get that, we can estimate the units consumed.  The LG 43-inch Smart TV is an excellent device to add to your home entertainment system. With a large 43-inch screen and sleek, minimalistic design, this device is guaranteed to … Read more

What is better for online classes, smart TV, or mobile?

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Does an Android Smart TV uses more data of phone by hotspot as compared to laptop while watching the same thing and the same way?

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