MI LED Smart TV 32 inch safe for child eye ?

Yes, this TV is safe for children. This tv has the child lock feature, and the screen is also safe for the child’s eye. Though the TV is safe, it is best to ensure that the young ones don’t watch more than the recommended time. The flicker-free backlight technology that permits the TV to function without the flicker is something that needs little consideration, but it is very important to a child’s eye.

The harmful component of a media device is the blue light that emanates from them. Studies have shown that long term exposure to blue light, especially before bedtime, can affect our sleep cycle and, in the long run, cause eye diseases like macular degeneration

According to very well health, the ideal distance to watch a TV is 160 inches. Watching TV from close up can result in Eye Strain and dry eye strain. Though TV’s days are safe and come with a lot of enhancements, then also we need to take a few precautions while watching TV:

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1. Take frequent breaks while watching TV. Look away from the TV and focus your eyes on something distant, like a wall or window.

2. Reduce the length of time you spend watching TV.

3. Watch TV with the lights on. 

4. Don’t watch TV in low light in bed. 

5. Read the TV guide or magazine whilst watching TV. This will prevent your eyes from getting tired. 

6. Keep the TV screen at a distance so that the screen is large enough for you to see the fine details. 

7. Use the remote control, not the buttons on the TV or the volume control. 

8. Watch the TV in the correct position. 

9. Don’t sit too close to the TV. For example, if the TV is 2 meters away, sit at least 4 meters away. 

10. Stretch your eyes occasionally by looking up and looking down. 

11. Use relaxation techniques to keep your eyes and body healthy.

These were a few measures that you can follow while watching TV. These techniques will not only make your eyes healthy but will also prevent you from getting various strains and disorders.

Now, I hope you have got a clear picture of the things that you need to consider while watching TV, especially if you are a child.

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