Can JIOFI provide good internet speed for uninterrupted live streaming on a smart TV?

TV streaming is very much in demand, and we can see many people investing in a smart TV. Internet connection with faster speed offers a great experience of online TV viewing. However, the current internet service providers are not up to that point where they can provide uninterrupted live streaming. Lately, JIO has introduced their latest feature, JIOFI, which makes this connection possible.

JIOFI allows you to connect your TV, which will be streamed by JIO broadband internet connection. The latest technology makes it quite easy for you to use the internet on the phone wirelessly and stream content on smart TV. It is a strong WiFi network that can easily support multiple devices at a time and allow uninterrupted high definition (HD) entertainment. JIOFI is a hub of high-speed internet, and the technology behind it makes use of TV cable to connect your TV with a JIOFi device.

For uninterrupted live streaming on a smart TV, you just need to have the cable that came along with the smart TV box. Using this cable connect the JIOFI to your TV. If you don’t have a WiFi-enabled smart TV box, buy a WiFi dongle for live streaming on TV.

Using 2 different connections to stream content at the same time makes this technology unique. It allows you to enjoy uninterrupted HD streams on your Smart TV if you are also using the mobile or any other device. You can do many things with a JIO internet connection; for example, make calls using your JIO phone when you are streaming video on TV.

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You can also use the smart remote provided with your TV to navigate through the apps on your TV screen. This remote has a pre-configured connect button that helps in connecting the TV to WiFi.

Once your smart TV is connected to the internet, you can enjoy high-speed streaming on your phone too. All these features are just a matter of a few minutes. You do not have to go through any hassle of setting up complicated connections or using multiple wires that will ultimately ruin the beauty of your home theater system.

JIOFI 2-in-1 Connection is for both Mobile & TV. Connect smart TVs with JIOFi device to get high-speed internet connection optimized for uninterrupted live streaming of online content on SmartTVs.

You can also use JIOfi to stream videos, music, and other digital content wirelessly from the comfort of your couch through your smart TV’s big screen while simultaneously using mobile data on your handset for seamless multitasking.

Connect multiple devices at the same time. Keep all of your wireless compatible devices connected without slowing down or dropping out via powerful WiFi connectivity (2AC). Enjoy an uninterrupted video streaming experience even in crowded areas thanks to a stronger connection (5x) that penetrates through barriers such as walls or floors. That’s what JIOFI provides.

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