For LG Smart TV 43 inch in one day how many units (power) needed?

Before we proceed with the power consumption, it’s necessary to understand how the TV operates. Once we get that, we can estimate the units consumed. 

The LG 43-inch Smart TV is an excellent device to add to your home entertainment system. With a large 43-inch screen and sleek, minimalistic design, this device is guaranteed to please. It is also packed with LG’s very own webOS 2.0 operating system, giving it a smooth and efficient user experience. Setup is also a breeze with this device and can be done in just minutes! If you’re feeling a bit lazy, one can just think of their desired device, and it will appear on the screen. That’s how swift LG Smart TV is.

You can use your LG smart TV 43 inches like a computer or a tablet. You can access the internet, watch videos (YouTube), play games, and watch free-to-air television. And one more thing, you can watch and record with your LG smart TV 43 inches if you have a recording device such as a PVR.

A 43 inch LG Smart TV consumes 85 Watts when powered on. It also depends on how you use the TV. If you use it intensively, it will consume more power, and if you use it normally, it will consume less. Here are a few tips on how to reduce power consumption while watching TV:

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It’s best to keep the room where you will be watching TV as cool as possible. You must ensure that the TV is mounted on the wall. Try to keep your TV clean and dust it occasionally with a microfiber cloth. Dust and dirt can create extra resistance and hence increase power consumption. Don’t leave any lights or lamps on during the TV-viewing session, because on one side they will increase the heat in the room. On the other side, it increases the electricity bill. If your TV is more than five years old, you should consider getting a new one, since newer TV models are more energy-efficient.

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