Which of the following software features are available with REDMI Smart TV series patchwall 4?

The PatchWall user interface is a customized version of Android TV that loads on top of the core Android TV software and provides a content-first smart TV experience for users to customize. A new user center, a carousel for viewing title posters, and additional live television channels supplied directly from PatchWall are among the improvements. … Read more

Is it safe or recommended to purchase Chinese products like smart TV in India nowadays? Will it be a problem to get the service from them now?

Yes it is, but when we are getting Indian products then why should we opt for Chinese brands. Usually, people like to purchase third-party services for their TV or anything else. Mostly, they prefer Chinese manufacturer’s products like Smart TVs, etc. Because of their low prices. However, it is important to consider other aspects before … Read more

Which TV to buy, one plus u1s 50 inches or Xiaomi 5x 50 inch Smart TV which one is best in all aspects?

Both the TVs are almost equal in all aspects except price. Xiaomi is a Chinese company; they manufacture TVs as well as mobiles and laptops. Their good refresh rate, along with MIUI optimized interface, makes it a great product. The display is better than one plus U1. However, you will get a Xiaomi TV at … Read more

Can JIOFI provide good internet speed for uninterrupted live streaming on a smart TV?

TV streaming is very much in demand, and we can see many people investing in a smart TV. Internet connection with faster speed offers a great experience of online TV viewing. However, the current internet service providers are not up to that point where they can provide uninterrupted live streaming. Lately, JIO has introduced their … Read more

Which of these smart TV features are available on the Sony Bravia x7400 series?

The Sony Bravia X7400H, 4K UHD TV, comes with a 55-inch Triluminos display with a resolution of 3,840×2,160 pixels and a refresh rate of 60Hz. It also features Motionflow XR 960 technology, 4K X-Reality Pro picture engine, and the Android TV operating system with voice search and Google Cast support. You can also download many … Read more