Laptop or smart TV is best for children Online Classes?

People often confuse between smart TV and Laptop when it comes to buying a device for their children. As we all know, the internet is a boon in this world of today. Hence, parents want their kids to get access to the best stuff on the web and enjoy e-learning and e-entertainment. Here we’ll discuss which one best suits your kid and why.

Laptop: Laptops are multi-utility devices and allow its user to do multiple tasks simultaneously, such as playing games, watching movies, chatting with friends, doing online shopping, etc. It provides the flexibility of doing multiple things at a single time. Since laptops can be carried anywhere, kids often prefer a laptop over a smart TV, and hence parents too buy laptops for their kids.

Laptop Pros: It allows more interactivity with multiple applications. Since the laptop is a portable device, it can be shifted from one room to another according to your convenience. You may also connect your laptop to the TV through HDMI ports and convert it into a smart TV.

Laptop Cons: Laptops are a bit costly than TV. Watching movies or playing games gives your child exposure to the internet that might prove dangerous for him. So, parents keep their laptops away from kids out of fear that they may spoil them or get access to adult materials.

Smart TV: In the past few years, smart TVs have become the latest trend in the electronic world. These smart gadgets are equipped with technologies such as Wi-Fi and are an upgraded version of normal LCD/LED TVs. They can connect to the internet and perform various tasks that a laptop does. Smart TV allows its user to watch TV, online stream videos, and access other applications.

Smart TV Pros: It allows users to watch their favorite TV channel or cartoon online on a large screen that too in HD quality. One can also play games on smart TVs that are not possible with laptops. Kids can attend their school lessons directly on TV through an application known as Smart School on smart TVs.

Smart TV Cons: Many of the smart TVs are not equipped with parental control. It restricts access to adult content which might prove dangerous for your child. You can keep your TV out of reach from kids. Sometimes it is difficult as they already know how to switch one screen into another.

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