Which external speakers are best for one plus u1 Series Smart TV?

Smart TVs are great, but they sometimes lack audio quality. If you connect an external speaker with your TV, it will make a whole lot of difference, and you will like watching movies and TV shows on your smart TV.

If you are a bass lover and want deep bass, then go for Bose speakers.

Moreover, if you want balanced music, then go for JBL.

If you want something on the cheaper side, then we suggest going with Zebronics sound systems. 

Zebronics is a good brand and is especially known for its sound systems which you can use to enhance your TV audio. It is a trusted and established brand, so you need not worry about its quality. 

You can use an HDMI cable to connect your TV and Home Theater system. You may have a different connection port on both devices but no problem; just make sure you are using the correct cable while connecting the TV and Home Theater System. 

Also, remember that you can only have one device connected to a TV at a time, so it is suggested that you hook up first your Home Theater System and then wirelessly connect your phone to it if you want to, as many people face this issue. 

If you are not watching TV and just want to listen to music, then you can use the Bluetooth connectivity option. Most of the smart TVs nowadays are equipped with most of the connectivity options available.

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