Best Mattress Under 5000 in India | Expert Reviews (2022)

Good sleep is very important to lead a healthy life. It can energize your body and keeps you active throughout the day. But what provides good sleep? Of course, a good mattress provides good sleep. Here are the best mattresses in India under 5000 you should buy. Let’s get into the topic.

List of Best Selling Mattress Under 5000 in India

SleepX 5-inch Medium Size Foam Mattress

The thickness of this foam mattress is 5 inch which means there is more foam inside this mattress. The more foam means, the more comfort you get.

A high-density foam mattress provides the best sleep throughout the night and makes you feel more comfortable.

In other words, this high-density mattress provides top-notch comfort when you are sitting or sleeping in this mattress.

This mattress has a dual feel feature that means, on one side, the mattress is medium-soft and on the other side, the mattress is medium-hard.

  • It provides top-notch comfort to the person who is sitting or sleeping on this mattress.
  • Uninterrupted and peaceful sleep throughout the night.
  • The dual feel feature is an additional advantage in this mattress; you can choose either medium-soft side or medium-hard side.
  • Due to high-density foam, this mattress retains more heat than a normal density foam mattress.
  • It is a 5-inch high-density foam mattress so it is heavier than other normal mattresses and you have difficulty in lifting or moving the mattress.

SleepWell 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses always provide more comfort than coir mattresses. Even Foam mattresses are more comfortable than cotton mattresses.

The thickness of this mattress is 4 inches, which means it is not heavier than a 5-inch foam mattress.

But the fact is, the layers of this mattress also consist of high-density foam that means it also retains more heat.

Compared to a 5-inch foam mattress, the weight of this mattress is lesser, but it is said that the single bed can weigh as much as 7.5-8 kg.

  • As usual, it provides more comfort and peaceful sleep throughout the night.
  • It is better than both coir and cotton mattresses.
  • It retains more heat because of high-density foam and is not suitable in the summer season.

Comforto Folding Foam Mattress

Now you know a lot about foam mattresses but what’s special about this. The special feature of this foam mattress is the foldable option.

You can fold this foam mattress and use it for various purposes.

It is also a 4-inch mattress that means it is comfortable like other high-density foam mattresses.

You can fold this mattress and use it like a sofa as well as a bed.

It can save your housing space very much; you can fold it and store it in the corner of your home.

You can use this mattress as a single bed, or double bed, or even three beds (two adults and one kid).

  • This mattress does not require big space to store; you can fold it and store it in any corner of your home.
  • It is made up of foam so you can have good comfort and peaceful sleep.
  • It can be used when practicing yoga and meditation.
  • Every foam mattress has this common disadvantage that is retaining heat in it.

Duroflex 4-inch Foam Mattress

This 4-inch mattress is made up of foam which is good and comfortable for sleeping.

A foam mattress is considered good for health, especially for people with allergies.

Foam mattresses support a variety of sleeping positions and help in relieving body pain.

The thickness of this mattress is 4-inch but the weight of this mattress is very low.

The weight of this mattress is said to be 3.5 kg which is lesser when compared to other 4-inch foam mattresses.

  • Foam mattresses are hypoallergenic and most suitable for allergic and asthma people.
  • Unlike cotton mattresses, foam mattresses prevent dust mites from penetrating the mattress.
  • Foam mattress retains heat and is not suitable in the summer season.

Springtek High-Density Foam Mattress

High-density foam mattresses always provide compromising quality and can guarantee you for your good sleep.

The only drawbacks are retaining heat; it is not suitable for countries like India, Malaysia because of hot climates.

But it was sold more every year because of the comfort and good quality in it.

High-density foam mattresses always perform well in mattress markets.

  • Good and compromising quality and comfortable sleep throughout the night.
  • High resistance from dust mite and more suitable for allergic people.
  • The weight of the mattress is 16 kg which makes it very difficult for one person to move or lift this mattress.
  • It retains more heat because of high-density foam.

Boston 6 inch Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses are present in the mattress market for very long years.

It is one of the traditional mattresses and has a variety of advantages.

Unlike foam mattresses, it does not retain heat. It has better airflow so it will help to keep the bed cool.

Spring mattress is made with a pocket coil system wrapped in fabric.

It keeps the cost lower and if you want high levels of spring mattress then some extras are done like the coils are encased in a foam layer to add more comfort.

  • Spring mattresses are available for people with low, medium, and high budgets.
  • It relieves pain and stress from your body.
  • It has been in the mattress market for many years with a good reputation.
  • Motion transfer is one of the problems for couples in spring mattresses.
  • Spring mattresses are more prone to dust mites and dust mites are not good for allergic people.

Wake Sleep 4-inch Coir Mattress

Coir mattress is a unique mattress that is low in cost and made up of eco-friendly material.

Coir mattress is made up of coconut fibers as a primary material. Coconut fibers or coir are obtained by extracting the outer husk of the coconut.

It is crafted with other materials like high-density foam and cotton. High-density foam is used to cover the coir while cotton is attached to give the final texture to the mattress.

  • The cost of a coir mattress is low when compared to foam and spring mattresses.
  • Unlike a spring mattress, a coir mattress does not have any motion transfer problem.
  • It stays cool and does not retain heat so it is one of the best options for countries like India.
  • The durability of this mattress is very short.
  • This mattress is harder when compared to foam and spring mattresses.

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