What is coir mattress? Advantages & disadvantages (2022)

what is coir mattress?

Do you want to know, what is coir mattress? A coir mattress is prepared from the fibre of coconut. Coconut fibre or coir is a natural material extracted from the outer husk of coconut and used in products such as mattresses, floor mats, doormats & brushes, etc.

How coir mattress is prepared?

Coir mattress’s main portion is prepared with coconut coir. But coconut coir is hard material so multiple layers of foam or latex are used to make it more comfortable. A mattress prepared with coir and foam is also known as a rubberized coir mattress.

Advantages of coir mattress

  • Low cost
  • Made from eco-friendly material
  • Stays cool in even hot climate conditions due to coconut coir’s moisture-absorbing ability & good air circulation. Therefore, it’s a good choice for hot summers in India.
  • No motion transfer, when your partner is rolling over in bed.

Disadvantages of coir mattress

  • Short durability as compared to other types of mattress like spring mattress or foam mattress
  • They have approximately 5 years of lifespan, then they start to stagging, lose firmness, or becomes too hard.
  • Harder as compared to other types of mattresses like foam or spring mattresses.
  • It will not be a good option for people who like to sleep on a very soft surface.

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What are the best possible alternatives to coir mattress?

The major benefit of coir mattress is that they come at less price & don’t burn a big hole in our pocket. The main drawback of this mattress is that it’s a little hard as compared to other types of mattresses.

So we should look for a mattress which comes under less budget and much comfort as compared to a coir mattress.

Best possible alternatives of coir mattress

Foam vs spring mattress, which is the better choice over coir mattress

Foam mattress

The foam mattress is made up of high-density polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam is also known as polyfoam or PU foam. It is the most common type of foam used in foam mattresses.

If you love to sleep on an extra soft surface then a foam mattress will work best for you.

 A foam mattress does not provide any bounciness like a spring mattress.

Advantages of a foam mattress

  • Foam mattresses are highly durable.
  • Provide a soft and comfortable surface.
  • Good for relief from back or neck pain.
  • No motion transfer.

Disadvantages of a foam mattress

  • Medium to the high cost.
  • Expensive than coir and spring mattress.
  • Foam mattresses retain some heat from your own body.

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Spring mattress

A spring mattress is made of metal spring, wrapped in fabric. It is further divided into 2 types: open coil and pocket spring mattress.

·      Open Coil Mattress, Bonnel spring mattress

·      Pocket Spring Mattress

Open coil Mattress/ Spring Mattress

 Metal springs in open coil mattresses are interconnected, therefore all the coils move together. Open coil mattress is also known as an innerspring mattress. 

The biggest drawback of this type of mattress is motion transfer. When one person makes movement in the bed, the other one will be disturbed. 

Advantages of the spring mattress

  • Comes at less price like coir mattress
  • More comfortable than a coir mattress
  • Longer life span 

Disadvantages of the spring mattress

  • Spring mattress has motion transfer so it’s a good choice for a single person but may not be comfortable for a couple.
  • Less comfortable as compared to the foam mattress
  • The pocket spring mattress is more costly than a spring mattress. Its a more comfortable and even better choice for a couple 

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 Pocket Spring Mattress

 Metal springs in a Pocket spring mattress are not connected to each other, so each pocket spring moves independently while distributing your body weight according to the pressure level of your body parts.

 It allows good contouring around your body, therefore a pocket spring mattress provides more support and comfort to your heavy body parts such as hip area and spine.

 It also helps to maintain good spinal posture, as a result, helps to prevent and provide relief in neck and back pain issues.

A pocket spring mattress is also known as many other names such as pocket sprung, Pocket Coils, Wrapped Coils 

The main difference of spring and pocket spring mattress is that pocket spring mattress does not have any motion transfer like a spring mattress

Advantages of a pocket spring mattress

  • Low- medium cost.
  • Medium durability.
  • The average lifespan of a pocket spring mattress is between 7-10 years.
  • No motion transfer: in pocket spring mattress, wherever you are lying only that area will be pressed down. If your partner moves a lot during night sleep then a pocket spring mattress can be a good option for you.
  • No heat-trapping from your own body because of good air circulation in a spring mattress.
  • It contours well around your body, which means it provides good support comfort for all of your body parts.
  • This mattress can be your liking if you don’t like the feeling of sinking or being stuck in your mattress because a Spring mattress provides a bouncy feeling when you roll over in bed.

Disadvantages of a pocket spring mattress

  • Heavier in weight.
  • Doesn’t provide an extra soft surface when compared to the foam mattress.

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Conclusion- Every type of mattress has pros and cons. Always choose a mattress according to your requirement.

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