Best Mattress under 2000 in India (2022)

Sleep is one of the important and essential functions of our life. To have a good and comfortable sleep, we need a comfortable and good mattress. Let’s find out the most comfortable and best mattress in India under 2000 with a detailed description. In India under this price range will probably get most o 2 types of mattress.

  • Cotton Mattress
  • Foam Mattress

How is a cotton mattress made?

India is the largest producer of cotton so cotton is more available in our country itself.

Making a cotton mattress is not a difficult job.

The cotton is fluffed by a machine that took half an hour to prepare cotton needed for a single bed.

Then the fluffed cotton is stuffed into a mattress and stitched properly to hold the cotton.

According to one of the cotton mattress makers, it requires about 17 kg of cotton to make a single-person sleeper mattress. He also claimed that he can make 4 mattresses a day.

Source: The Hindu

How Foam Mattress is made?

Most foam mattresses like memory foam mattresses and high-density foam consist of polyurethane as a base layer.

The foam will be used as the top layer and the next layers are attached below the foam.

Manufacturers use adhesives for positioning the soft layers and foams before it gets covered.

The memory foam was developed for NASA’s contract to improve seat cushioning for airline pilots and passengers.

Later it became popular and used for both commercial and personal use.

According to Federal safety guidelines, the flame-resistant fabric is added to a foam mattress to protect against a possible fire.

Source: Wikipedia

List of Bestselling Mattress Under 2000 With Pros & Cons

Cotton Mattress

The cotton mattress is very soft and provides a good and uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

It provides a cushioning effect that guarantees a good and comfortable sleep.

Cotton mattresses always come with good dimensions (length and width).

India is the largest producer of cotton, so you can receive a good cotton mattress at a reasonable price.

Cotton mattress with organic cotton is hypoallergenic so it does not infuse with chemicals. So it is most suitable for allergic people.


  • Cotton Mattress is more easily available in our country at a reasonable price.
  • Cotton is known for its softness, smoothness, and great comfort so you can enjoy a good and comfortable sleep.
  • The cotton mattress is good for countries with hot and humid atmospheres like India.
  • Unlike a spring mattress, a cotton mattress reduces the bounciness of your partner or friend, so you can have undisturbed sleep.


  • Cotton mattresses are more prone to mites and bed bugs, so constant care is necessary or it will be difficult to exterminate them.
  • Cotton mattresses can catch fire more easily than other mattresses.
  • Sagging is one of the big problems in a cotton mattress.

Four fold Foam mattress

A foam mattress is as comfortable as a cotton mattress. In some comparisons, foam mattresses are better than cotton mattresses.

A foam mattress gives more comfortable sleep than a cotton mattress. It relieves you from the pain and the foldable option also comes in handy.

You can fold this mattress and use a sofa, dual bed, and single bed. It is very useful for everyone because it gives comfort and can be used as more than a mattress.


  • It gives more comfort and reduces the pressure on your body and spine.
  • The folding option makes it more useful than other normal mattresses.
  • It also has less or no transfer of movement so you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep.


  • This mattress is a little bit heavier than a cotton mattress.
  • It is not a perfect choice for countries with hot climates because it retains heat in it.

PU Foam mattress

A foam mattress is one of the all-time best choices for mattress selection. It can provide you an uninterrupted and comfortable sleep.

This single-size foam mattress can be useful for students who are staying in hostels.

It can also be useful for kids because the price of a mattress is also very low.

The price of the mattress is under 2000 so it will be a good purchase for your money.


  • A foam mattress is more comfortable than a cotton mattress.
  • It reduces the pressure on your spine which helps to have a good and comfortable sleep.
  • Uninterrupted sleep.


  • It is a single-person sleeper mattress so only one can sleep in this mattress.

Indoor, outdoor Mattress for Camping or Trekking

One of the good products available on Amazon for people who travel a lot.

It is very useful for travelers because it can keep travelers away from dust and mud.

It is useful when you go picnics with your friends or family members. It has a small pillow stitched into the mattress.

It is very easy to carry and the weight of the product is very low when compared to other mattresses.

Another mattress requires two people to move but this outdoor mattress can be easily moved by one person itself.


  • It is a very easy to carry and must-have product for a traveling person
  • It has a stitched pillow in it which will help you to sleep comfortably even in harsh surface conditions.
  • It does not require a lot of space like other mattresses; you can simply roll the mattress and keep it in the corner of your home.
  • It can be a washable mattress so all the dirt will be washed away.


  • It is not as soft as a cotton mattress or foam mattress but it can give good sleep in harsh surface conditions.

Slim Multipurpose foam mattress

This mattress is used for multi-purpose activities because it is not heavier like other foam mattresses.

Other foam mattresses are heavier because the thickness of those mattresses is 3 inch but this mattress has a thickness of 1 inch.

You can use this mattress as a yoga mat and also use it during picnics and playing activities.

It is one of the perfect mattresses for a single person because only one person can sleep on this mattress.

Another advantage is that it can be folded easily but other foam mattresses are difficult or impossible to fold.

This mattress is well suited for meditation purposes as it gives a comfortable sitting position.

It is good for other purposes like balcony sit-downs and acts as a play mat for kids.


  • A foam mattress always gives a good and comfortable sleep when compared to a cotton mattress.
  • It can be used as a sleeping mattress and for other purposes like yoga and meditation.
  • It is perfectly suitable for one person to have a comfortable sleep.


  • The thickness of this mattress is 1 inch which sometimes makes us feel like we are sitting on a floor.

PU Foam 3 inch Mattress

This mattress provides comfortable and uninterrupted sleep because it was a foam mattress.

Only one person can sleep well on this mattress but that one person can enjoy complete rest.

It also comes in handy for people who are in hostels and act as an extra bed in hotels.

It is used in other activities like Yoga, Meditation, Exercise, Picnic, etc. It will provide comfort in all activities.


  • A foam mattress provides comfortable and undisturbed sleep throughout the whole night.
  • It is useful in meditation, yoga, and other exercises.
  • A foam mattress is good for health too and it is highly recommended for allergic people.
  • The thickness is 3 inch so it can give comfortable sleep.


  • A foam mattress retains heat so it is not a good choice for people in countries with hot climates.
  • Only one person can sleep.

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