What is coir mattress? Advantages & disadvantages (2022)

what is Coir Mattress?

what is coir mattress? Do you want to know, what is coir mattress? A coir mattress is prepared from the fibre of coconut. Coconut fibre or coir is a natural material extracted from the outer husk of coconut and used in products such as mattresses, floor mats, doormats & brushes, etc. How coir mattress is … Read more

Peps Mattress Review & Ratings (2022)

peps mattress review

Peps India is the largest innerspring mattress manufacturing company. For the past 30 years, they have earned customer trust by providing high-quality materials. We have provided in-depth peps mattress reviews with the latest price and discount. Peps Mattress review’s with latest price and discounts. Peps SpringKoil Bonnel 6 inch Spring Mattress with free pillows This … Read more

Check Bestselling Nilkamal mattress price with detailed reviews 2022

Best selling Nilkamal Mattress Price List

Nilkamal provides almost every type of furniture from a simple plastic chair to the entire furniture set for your home at affordable prices. They also manufacture all major types of a mattress like coir mattress, foam mattress, spring mattress, and orthopedic mattress, etc. We have provided detailed reviews of bestselling nilkamal mattresses with the Latest … Read more

Top 9 Best Treadmill Under 30000 in India (Review 2022) [Must Check]

best treadmill under 30000

Treadmills are a great way to get into shape, and they’re available in all shapes and sizes. They provide all of the benefits of running on pavement, but with less impact on your joints. Plus, they come in a variety of price points so that you can find one that fits into your budget. It … Read more

Top 10 Treadmill Under 15000 (Review 2022) [Must Check]

Treadmill under 15000

If you’re looking for a treadmill to use at home, then this is the post for you. There are so many options available that it can be difficult to choose one that fits your needs and budget. You’re in the right place; this blog post is for you. We’ve compiled a list of the top … Read more

Best Treadmill Under 20000 (Review 2022) [Must Check]

If you are a fitness freak then you know the importance of the treadmill in your fitness journey. But the price of a treadmill is very high so you need to know more about treadmills to buy a quality one. We have prepared a list of things to check while buying a treadmill with good … Read more

How to Choose A Treadmill For The Home in India? | Ultimate Treadmill Buying Guide

How to choose a treadmill for home in India

When you are thinking of getting yourself fit, it’s obvious that you would want to do something more than walk or run around on the road all day long. You will need some equipment to get started with this fitness regime, and what could be better than having a treadmill in your home? Treadmills have … Read more

10 Best Toothpaste in India For Shining White Teeth (2022)

Best Toothpaste in India

Good toothpaste helps to whiten your teeth and refreshes your breath. However, other than that they are providing a lot of support to your teeth by reducing the sensitivity, strengthening enamel, and preventing your teeth from decaying. One should choose the perfect toothpaste to have good and healthy teeth. Therefore, after deep research, we have … Read more

19 Best Natural Latex Mattress in India | Reviews, Price (2022)

Natural Latex mattress

Latex mattresses are eco-friendly mattresses where the primary material is obtained from the sap of the rubber tree. The latex mattress is of three types. They are Natural Blended Synthetic Natural Latex Mattress: Natural latex mattresses are made by the latex obtained by the rubber tree called Hevea Brasiliensis. The latex used as primary material … Read more