Which is better Coir or Foam mattress?

Nowadays, Mattresses depend on the choice of the people. If you’re looking for a mattress which is made up of natural products then you can go for a coir mattress. however, you want something which is more comfortable for your body.then you should go for a foam mattress. People use a mattress which gives them comfort while sleeping, which is more durable. Better mattress is the best option for your health, respiratory system, skin and overall body. Doctors also suggest using a mattress which is better for your body structure and for quality sleep. Before investing in a mattress, you should focus on the features of the mattress.

Coir mattress

A coir mattress is natural and absorbent.This mattress is made from natural fibre. The primary fibre which is used in this mattress is coconut coir fibre,source of such fibre is a coconut shell. Latex solution is used in the upper and middle of the mattress. The demand of this mattress is because of its ventilation and absorption of sweat or moisture. This mattress offers much needed support to your body.

Many people demand this mattress just because it is made up of natural products.It offers cooling surface and good quality sleep. Coir mattress is the best option for back pain.It gives better support to your spine alignment  and for better body structure.

There are also demerits of coir mattresses. This mattress is not hygienic.it attracts bed bugs and other insects. It is not for a long duration. The comfort of this mattress depends upon the coconut fibre.

Types of coir mattress.

Hybrid coir mattress

•Rubberized coir mattress

Pros Of coir mattress.

•This is highly recommended for those who are more worried about their skin allergies.This mattress is natural and eco friendly. It avoids the chemicals entirely.

•This mattress is dirt and  dust free. It prevents you from such infection.

•This mattress provides support to the back. It maintains the natural support to the spine.

•This is fire-resistant and drives out bacteria because it is made of natural products.


This mattress is not so durable as compared to other mattresses.

•It is not so hygienic because it offers bed bugs and other insects.

•it sags quickly.

Foam mattress

Foam mattress is highly demanded and offers more comfort. This mattress is suggested by the doctors.so it’s also known as orthopaedic mattress. It is usually firm and more elastic in nature. In this mattress motion isolation is as it’s best.Foam mattress is made up of synthetic material of various petrochemical.It is based on PU(polyurethane) foam.This mattress is sag resistant as well.

Foam mattress is highly durable and long lasting.it is washable and light in weight which is easily carried wherever you want.As this mattress provides more comfort so it is also more costlier than coir mattress. It highly supports your back. It helps in distribution of body weight evenly.

It is not a good choice for summer, it feels hot while sleeping. The memory foam is the most popular variant of a foam mattress.It is highly demanded because it changes its shape according to the body position.

It offers a quality sleep and comes with zero risks of pressure points.A foam mattress is highly hygienic than a coir mattress.So, it has a less chance of bed bug and other insects. 

This mattress is not a natural mattress because it is made up of petrochemicals.

Types of foam mattress

Polyurethane foam mattress

•Memory foam mattress

•Latex foam mattress


It offers more comfort while sleeping and changes the shape according to the body position.

•It eliminates the back pain, neck pain and soothes sore joints.

•Highly suggested by the orthopaedic.

•This mattress is dust resistant and long durable.

•It is a hygienic mattress and it doesn’t attract bed bugs and other insects.


This mattress is not a good choice for summer, as it feels so hot while sleeping.

•There can be budget constraints because the luxury mattress comes with a high price tag.

•The mattress has a bad smell, initially.

•Some foam models are too soft to provide adequate support. We will sink and we can feel uncomfortable while sleeping.


If you are investing in a mattress for better comfort.you should choose between coir and foam mattress after knowing the features as well. People choose a mattress for quality sleep, budget and the material it is made up of. Different mattresses work for different better mattress quality is very important because if your body will not get relief and you will not get better quality sleep.Then can affect your health in future.

If you are in search of a natural and eco-friendly mattress which supports your back.then you should go for a coir mattress.

On the other hand, foam mattress is a better choice for back pain suggested by the doctors. It also offers healthy and quality sleep due to its hygienic factors.

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