Top 9 Best Treadmill Under 30000 in India (Review 2022) [Must Check]

Treadmills are a great way to get into shape, and they’re available in all shapes and sizes. They provide all of the benefits of running on pavement, but with less impact on your joints. Plus, they come in a variety of price points so that you can find one that fits into your budget.

It can be difficult to know which treadmill is right for you, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 treadmills under Rs 30,000.  These treadmills will help you work up a sweat without making your wallet sweat! They come with varied running surfaces and maximum speed to suit your needs. Whether you want a quick cardio workout or need something for home gym purposes, these machines can cater to all your requirements!   Without further ado let’s get into each of these treadmills. 

Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Treadmill Under 30000.

Size: Decide how much space you have in the room where you plan on keeping your new machine and make sure it will fit before buying anything! Treadmills can take up a lot of space, so make sure there’s enough space for you to use it comfortably.

Functions: Check out what features are included with your purchase, such as built-in fans, speakers, MP3 player connectivity and web browsers that let you stream the latest news while you run.

Price: Buy good quality at a fair price point – do not forget to look at all possible retailers offering the product in order to get the best quality for the money spent. Don’t be afraid of spending more than $1000 if this is what will give you exactly what you need and want from your treadmill!

warranty: Check the warranty on new and used treadmills before you purchase it. You don’t want to get stuck with a machine that breaks down all the time or doesn’t cover repairs when something goes wrong, so make sure it’s covered for at least a year.

Running surface and belt: The running surface is where you will be spending most of your time, so make sure it’s big enough for you!  Make sure the belt has a decent grip to avoid slipping. Also make sure that the seams are tightly closed to avoid tripping hazards.

These were a few things to consider when choosing your brand-new treadmill! Make sure you compare the treadmills in order to get the best value for your money.

Editor’s choice: Best Treadmills Under 30000 in India

Durafit Strong Surge 2HP Motorized Treadmill:

Durafit is a well known brand when it comes to treadmill and elliptical manufacturers. They make high quality equipment for an affordable price. Durafit Strong Surge is another best treadmill when it comes to best treadmills under Rs 30000. The treadmill is designed in a way that it is both stable and comfortable for running or walking purposes. It has a lot of amazing features. Let’s explore the features now.

Motor Power: It is powered by a 2.0 HP continuous duty DC motor, which is pretty good for a treadmill in this range. This treadmill has got an impressive 4.0 HP peak output. So, it is enough for even heavy treadmill users.

Running Area: Durafit treadmill has got an impressive running area of 1260*440 mm, which is big enough for treadmill users. So treadmill buyers can buy it without thinking about the treadmill’s running space. The belt thickness is 1.8mm thickness which is good for treadmill walking or running because it reduces treadmill’s noise to a greater extent.

Maximum Speed: The treadmill can reach up to a maximum speed of 14 km/h, which is pretty enough for treadmill walking as well as treadmill running purposes. Anyone from treadmill walker to heavy treadmill user will find treadmill speed good enough.

Incline: It is inclined in both Vertical or Horizontal direction so that you can incline your treadmill as per your requirement. For heavy treadmill users, this is a nice option to have under Rs 30000.

Maximum Weight: The treadmill can bear any type of treadmill user weight. It can handle the maximum treadmill weight up to 120 kg which is more than enough for heavy treadmill users.

Warranty: The treadmill comes with 5 years of warranty on frame , 3 year of warranty on motor, and 1 year on parts & labour. So it has got a very impressive warranty coverage.

  • Heavy yet quiet. Which is hard to find.
  • Doesn’t consume too much power.
  • Durable built and elegant look
  • Have inbuilt mp3 speakers
  • Heart rate monitor is not accurate.
  • Lack of bottle holders.

MAXPRO PTM405M Multipurpose Treadmill

Maxpro is a treadmill brand with the mission of helping people stay fit and healthy, and enhance their quality of life. With that in mind, Maxpro designs treadmills to suit the unique needs of users, from casual walkers who simply want to shed a few pounds or keep fit, to athletes and professional runners. With continuous technological innovation, Maxpro produces a variety of treadmills to meet customer’s needs at affordable prices. Maxpro PTM405M is another very popular treadmill in the 30000 price segment. Let’s have a look at the features of this treadmill.

Motor Power: Maxpro PTM405M comes with a powerful DC motor with 4 HP peak power that delivers a steady treadmill smooth and quiet treadmill performance. This is a perfect suit for every type of treadmill users.

Running Area: This treadmill has a large running platform, 420mm x 1150mm , which allows you to run comfortably without any limitations. Moreover, this multi-layered treadmill belt could protect you from sudden shock during running.

Display Console: Maxpro treadmill has large 5″ display with inbuilt USB port, where you can keep your phone while working out. It also has built-in MP3 input so that you can plug in your iPod or iPhone and enjoy music during the treadmill work out. The display console helps you to keep track of time, distance, speed and calories burned.

Max Weight: Maxpro PTM405M can bear weight up to 110 kg, which is the best in class weight amongst other treadmills with similar price. This treadmill has a high quality construction that ensures great stability and durability.

Speed: Maxpro PTM405M treadmill has speed up to 14 km/hr, and this is very impressive considering its price. You can enjoy different levels of workout at your desired speed with this amazing treadmill. From casual walking to intense running, you will enjoy completing your exercise with this great treadmill.

  • Noiseless treadmill.
  • Super easy to assemble and operate.
  • Support is top-notch
  • Super performance in heavy weight too.
  • Hard to oil it regularly.
  • The power cable is pretty short.

PowerMax Fitness® TDA-100_TDM-100M Series.

PowerMax is another famous name in  the fitness industry. Originally starting out as a privately owned company, PowerMax has now been bought out by the Golds Gym franchise, after being one of the biggest players in commercial home gym equipment production for years. The Powermax line includes many types of exercise equipment including Powergym(tm) collapsible free weights, Stamina Series power cages and treadmills. PowerMax TDA-100 is a very popular treadmill series. It comes with some cool and unique features. Let’s explore them one by one.

Motor power: PowerMax TDA-100_TDM-100M comes with a 2HP DC motor. Which is more than enough for any kind of training except professional bodybuilding and hassling with extremely heavy weights. It’s a good amount if you want to seriously train with heavy weights or do intense training.

Display Console: A 5″ LED display console is included with this treadmill. The large display panel shows all the necessary data required for an exercise session. It has a Heart Rate monitor, which enables you to keep track of your heart rate during your session and adjust accordingly if required. The Display also shows speed, time, calories burned and mileage covered during the workout.

Portable: PowerMax TDA-100is foldable and can be towed away easily. You can do it by yourself, or ask someone to move the machine for you. Be aware though if you plan on moving it often. It’s not suitable for this purpose as it is a very sturdy machine.

Speed:   Like most of the treadmills in this price range, it has a speed range from 0.8 to 14.8km/hr. Which is a wide range and enough for a good training session. The speed may be adjusted as per your needs.

Weight Capacity:  It can support weight up to 105 kg. Most of the users will easily fit in this range.

Warranty: PowerMax TDA-100 series comes with a pretty lengthy lifetime frame warranty, 3-Year Motor Warranty, And 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty.

Pre-set programs: This treadmill offers a  total of 12 pre-set programs. 8 for cardio and 4 for fat burning. These include speed intervals, calorie counter, heart rate control and weight loss etc. Moreover, it also provides 3 target based modules for intensive workouts.

  • The build quality looks very sturdy and classic.
  • Great for multipurpose like Jogging, massaging.
  • Easy to operate and assemble.
  • Customer support is not upto the mark.
  • Make some noise while operation

Stunner Fitness S6 Smart Motorised Treadmill:

Stunner Fitness is a  new player in the fitness equipment market and they are looking to fill a gap in the expanding home exercise machine industry by creating low cost high quality treadmills that were easy to use and looked good too. The treadmills are equipped with a lot of cool features and we will get to those in a while. Stunner Fitness S6 is a very popular model from their range and is a great buy for anyone looking for a quality treadmill under 30000. Let’s understand the details.

Motor Power: Stunner Fitness Motorized Treadmill is a sleek and heavy duty treadmill designed for commercial use. It has a powerful DC motor with 2.0 hp continuous power and 3.0 hp peak power, giving users unmatched velocity during workouts up to 15 Kmph. 

Max Weight: Stunner Fitness can support a maximum user weight of 115 kg. 115 Kg is a good weight for healthy walkers, gym users or even runners to use Stunner Fitness without worrying too much about the frame bending.

Pre-installed Programs: Stunner Fitness treadmill comes with 12 pre-installed training programs. These are great to help users customise their routine at the touch of a button. There are also three target-based modes which provide information on key workout metrics for fat loss, cardiovascular health & weight management. 

Other useful features: The treadmill has a built-in cooling fan which helps users stay cool during workouts. It also comes with an MP3 player, tablet/smartphone holder and headphone port. Stunner Fitness is fully compatible with Apple iOS & Android devices, allowing users to work out from virtually anywhere in the world. 

Speed: Stunner Fitness can be programmed to run at different speeds between 0 Kmph to 15 Kmph with pace & programmable time settings. Users are free to choose any one of the training programs or customise their own routine to achieve their desired fitness goals. 

Warranty: With Stunner Fitness Treadmill comes with a lifetime frame warranty, 1-year motor warranty and 1-year parts and manufacturing defects warranty as well as technical support.

  • A very rigid and durable build.
  • Easy to assemble and set up.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • After sales service is very poor.

Durafit Heavy 2.5Hp DC Motorized Treadmill:

Durafit is a  brand that is known for making high quality home gym equipment. It’s expensive but durable and functional. Durafit treadmill has a wide range of models, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. The best thing about this brand is  that they make treadmills for every pocket size. The Durafit Heavy Treadmill , in case you don’t know, is a heavy duty commercial grade treadmill or a gym equipment. It offers a lot of features and the price is not so high when we compare it to commercial treadmills with similar features. Let’s explore the features:

Motor Power:  Durafit Heavy comes with a  2.5 horsepower (hp) motor or 5 hp peak. This is a lot of power for a treadmill like this. It has enough power to support very heavy users and can handle up to 120 Kg. The Durafit Heavy treadmill’s motor is strong enough to carry an extra heavy person for hours, if needed without any problems or worries about overheating or something else like that.

Running Area: The Durafit Heavy Treadmill has a total running area of 1270 x 470 mm , 50 x 19 inches . The motor comes with an overload protection system that will shut down the treadmill automatically if any excess weight or something else is put on the belt. The Durafit Heavy Treadmill’s belt is made of a special friction coating for added traction . This makes the cardio workout experience better and smooth, too . The treadmill runs very silently, so you can watch TV while running if you want too. 

Speed:  Durafit Heavy Treadmill has a max speed of 16 km/hr that will be enough for most people. It is powerful and quiet, too. You can control the speed with the buttons on the console. There are speed settings in total and you can take your pick depending on how fast or slow you want to run while exercising .

Warranty:  Durafit Heavy treadmill provides a very impressive warranty: Door-Step one year warranty on parts . This means that if anything happens to the parts of the treadmill after purchase, you can contact Durafit and they will replace them for free. They provide  3 years of warranty on the motor and 5 years on the frame. This is a lot for such a treadmill.

  • Installation is quite easy
  • Heart Rate sensor is pretty accurate
  • Motor is noiseless
  • Poor after sales service

Durafit Strong Multifunction Treadmill:

Another Durafit  product, but different from the one we know of. Durafit is famous for designing products that can enhance your total well being. Durafit is focused on creating goods to make a healthy life for everyone. Durafit StrongTreadmill is designed to improve your stamina and endurance, as well as helping you stay fit and mobile even in your old age. This is Durafit’s one of the most unique and innovative product till date. Let’s explore the features that it offers.

Motor Power:  Durafit Strong Treadmill comes with a DC motor of 2.0 HP continuous duty and Peak Output of 4.0 HP. This means that the treadmill will run smooth and silently at any speed , even on a heavy weight capacity.

Sturdy structure: Durafit Strong treadmill has got an extremely sturdy structure. It is built to last long and work seamlessly for many years. The metal framework is made of heavy-duty steel with powder coating for rust resistance, which makes it waterproof.  

Running belt: Durafit Strong Treadmill has got a rubberized track belt that provides maximum traction. The belt is 1.8 mm thick to provide you with superior comfort. It can  handle even the heaviest users, run after run. It comes with a special friction coating for added traction. Durafit Strong Treadmill is durable, sturdy and heavy-duty. It can handle users weighing up to 90 Kg.

Max Speed: The speed of Durafit Strong treadmill can be adjusted from 1 km/h to 14 km/h. If you are just starting out or want to keep things slow, you have all the options available.Durafit Strong Treadmill is a one of a kind treadmill that will change the way you workout. You can seamlessly walk, jog or run and track all your workouts at home on this secure and sturdy machine.

Warranty: Durafit Strong treadmill comes with 1 Year Doorstep warranty on parts and 3 year door step warranty on motor, 5 years of frame warranty.The innovative Durafit Strong Treadmill is a compact home gym equipment that you can use to workout while staying at home. It has got a sturdy structure made from high quality metal and an extremely durable and sturdy running belt. 

  • Quite good after sales service
  • Beginner friendly
  • Looks elegant and durable
  • Motor starts to make noise after a few days

MAXPRO PTM405 2HP Treadmill: 

Maxpro is a well established name in the  fitness industry. With their focus on quality, durability and reliability in all their products, Maxpro continues to bring good value to its customers. The PTm405 treadmill is one of the many products of this company. It provides a good alternative to the popular brands that are available. Moreover it comes with a ton of useful features that will certainly help you throughout your workout and help you reach the fitness goals that you have set for yourself.

Let’s take a look at this product in detail:

Motor Power: MaxPro treadmill equipped with a 2 HP DC motor which makes this treadmill have great performance and last long. The motor can support  up to 110 Kg which is very high for a treadmill in this range. The motor can support speed up to 14 km/h and 3 levels of inclination which helps you change the intensity of your workout anytime.

Running Area: The running area of this treadmill is very large. It has a dimension of 1150 x 420mm giving the users enough space to run without any obstacles on their way. MaxPro PTM405 Treadmill is equipped with Max Soft Cushioning Shock Absorption which enhances your comfort. The running belt is designed to reduce impact on joints and thus minimize injuries.

Console & Display: The console on the PTm405 is very basic and has all the essential controls that are needed for a workout. It comes with a 3 led display for speed, time, distance travelled etc which is great. It also has a set of mp3 /radio inputs which you can connect with any of your devices to listen to music while working out.

Build Quality & Warranty: Maxpro treadmill is very well built and has a strong steel frame making it last long. This treadmill comes with 1-year warranty on the motor, 1 year of free labor. 

  • Easy to fold and install
  • Perfect support and service
  • Super sturdy and well-built.
  • Heating issues are there.

Durafit Strong Foldable Treadmill:

Durafit Strong is a fitness brand that provides affordable treadmills. They are committed to providing the best workout experience for people of all ages and lifestyles. Durafit Strong has been in business for a very long time, and they have already made quite an impact on the market. They also provide training to ensure that you know how to assemble, use and take care of your treadmill. The Durafit Strong DC Motorized Foldable Treadmill offers great performance at an affordable price point with its heavy duty motor, easy folding design and large LCD display screen which displays quick speed settings for interval training workouts or slow speeds for walking or jogging sessions. We will look into this product in great detail.

Motor Power: Durafit Strong offers 2 HP DC Motorized Foldable Treadmill that has enough power to allow users of all levels to walk or run at speeds ranging from 1 to 14 KMPH. The motor operates quietly and is extremely stable, which means you get great workout results every time you use the treadmill.

Running Belts: Treadmills are hard on your joints, but that doesn’t have to be the case if you’re wearing the right running belt. Durafit Strong belts use a special friction coating for added traction to keep you in place – even when you’re walking or jogging at speeds up to 14 KMPH. Durafit Strong also offers 1.8mm thick sports running belts made of neoprene. 

Max Weight: The Durafit Strong DC Motorized Foldable Treadmill has a maximum user weight of 90 kgs, which makes it a great choice for most users. 

Inclination: The inclination on the treadmill is helpful for all exercises. The DC Motorized Foldable Treadmill has an incline of up to 3 levels. This helps support muscles, bones, and joints. This incline on this treadmill is also beneficial to people that are recovering from injury or illness.

Warranty: Durafit Strong treadmill offers a very impressive warranty. The frame warranty is for 5 years, the motor warranty is for 3 years and parts also come with a 1 year door step guarantee as standard. All in all, if you’re looking for a treadmill that will last you a long time, this one would be perfect for you as it comes with such an amazing warranty. 

  • The motor is powerful and can support for longer time.
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • After sales service is good.
  • Vertical spaces on the dash which can not used for any purpose
  • Display console does not hold information for a long time

Durafit Springo 2HP Treadmill

Durafit is an innovative fitness brand that has been leading the way in modern wellness for years. Durafit Springo is another very popular budget treadmill that comes under rs 30000. They have something for everyone from those who are just starting their journey to those who are well on their way. It has got many useful features that can ease your workout process. Let’s explore them.

Motor power: The Powerful 2.0 HP (4.0 HP Peak) Motor is designed to offer a powerful workout without sacrificing comfort and convenience. The motor is built with an oil pump to deliver smooth motion without noise or friction. 

Presets:The Durafit Springo treadmill has presets that help you. Presets are programs that are meant to be good for certain things. There are 18 HIIT training programs in the Durafit Springo treadmill and they are all different. These different programs have unique speeds and inclines which will challenge your body to a certain extent. 

 Running Surface: Running on a treadmill has an important role. You can go fast and slow too. The Durafit Springo exercise machine has an extremely comfortable surface, and it’s good for your feet. The total running surface is of 1300*480mm. 

Maximum Weight: The maximum weight in a treadmill is helpful. The maximum weight of Durafit Springo Treadmill is 115kg.

Other Features: Durafit Springo Treadmill has a water bottle holder . It’s good for your health because you need to drink a lot of water if you exercise in the gym or go outside jogging. The Durafit treadmill has a heart rate sensor too, which can help you to reach your target heart rate zone. Durafit Springo Treadmill has a bluetooth speaker system too. It means you can connect it with your cell phone to enjoy music while exercising.

  • Shock absorption is top-notch
  • Runs smoothly without making any noise
  • Well built and value for money
  • After Sales service is not upto the mark.

We hope this list of the top 10 treadmills under rs 30000 has helped you narrow down your options and find a treadmill that will suit both your needs and budget. We hope you have found this article informative and we wish you the best of luck in your search for a treadmill. If there is any information that was not covered, please feel free to comment below! If you need any help deciding which to purchase, feel free to reach out – we’re happy to point you in the right direction! 

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