Which mattress is good spring or coir or foam?

A good quality mattress is a key to a comfortable sleep and energetic wake-up in the morning. When we decided to buy a perfect mattress. A lot of popular options like spring, coir, or foam can be quite confusing for us.

Every type of mattress has its pros and cons. So we need to choose a mattress according to our requirements. To make your mattress buying experience easy and satisfactory. Here we have come up with a guide, which will help you to choose a perfect mattress from spring, coir or foam by describing their features, advantages & disadvantages.

Spring vs coir vs foam mattress


Spring mattress

spring mattress
Spring Mattress

A spring mattress is made of high-quality steel springs, wrapped in a layer of fabric and foam. Its further divide into two types open coil and pocket spring mattress.

Open coil mattress is also known as bonne spring mattress or innerspring mattress

Bonnel spring mattress/open coil mattress/innerspring mattress

In Bonnel spring mattress its internal structure is prepared with high-quality interconnected steel springs. Because all springs are interconnected to each other, when one spring is pressed, hen motion is also transferred to the other side of the mattress.

The biggest drawback of this type of mattress is motion transfer. When one person makes movement in the bed, the other person will be disturbed. Its recommended that a bonnel spring mattress is a good choice for single-person use. If you are low on budget and want a mattress for a couple then you can check the peps spring mattress with spiralok technology with reduced motion transfer. In this metal, wires are passes through springs to reduced motion transfer.

Advantages & disadvantages of spring mattress

Bonnel spring mattress is cheaper than pocket spring mattress but it has a motion transfer. It may not be a suitable option for the couple. Its other qualities are near about similar to a pocket spring mattress.

Pocket spring mattress

Pocket Spring Mattress
Pocket Spring Mattress

In pocket spring mattresses, springs are not interconnected to each other. Each spring is placed in a separate shell (Pocket). So when the spring is pressed motion remains in that particular shell only & does not transfer to the whole mattress. 

Each spring moves independently while distributing your body weight according to the pressure level of your body parts.

It allows good contouring around your body, therefore a pocket spring mattress provides more support and comfort to each part of the body.

It also helps to maintain good spinal posture, which helps to prevent back pain and provides a comfortable sleep.

Advantages of a pocket spring mattress

Medium to high durability.

The average lifespan of a pocket spring mattress is between 7 to 10 years.

No motion transfer. In pocket spring mattress, wherever you are lying only that part of the mattress will be pressed down and motion is not transferred to another side of the mattress. If you love the bouncy feel of spring mattress and hates motion transfer then pocket spring mattress is a perfect choice for you.

No heat-trapping from your own body because of good air circulation in a spring mattress.

It contours around your body, which means it provides good support and comfort to the spine and other body parts.

This mattress is a good option if you don’t like the feeling of sinking in your bed.


Costly as compared to coir and spring mattress.

Heavier in weight

Does not provide an extra soft surface, when compared to a foam mattress.

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If you are low on budget, then you can check peps Bonnel spring mattress with spiralok technology, which helps to reduce motion transfer.

Coir mattress

coir mattress
Coir Mattress

Coir mattress is basically made of coconut coir fiber. Coconut coir is a hard material, so the top layer of the coir mattress is rubberized with foam or latex. Coconut coir is the cheapest and eco-friendly material that is easily available in India. This mattress provides medium-firm support to your body. It has a little hard surface as compared to other types of mattresses. This type of mattress is also known as a rubberized coir mattress.

These mattresses have a life span of near about 5 years. After that, they will start sagging & lose firmness.

Advantages of coir mattress

Lowest cost 

Made from eco-friendly material.

Stays cool even in hot summers due to coconut coir,s moisture absorbing ability, and good air circulation.

No motion transfer when your partner is rolling over in bed.

Disadvantages of coir mattress

Short durability when compared to other types of mattresses.

They have near about 5 years of lifespan. They start sagging and lose firmness. 

Medium soft or a little hard when compared to other types of mattresses.

It will not be a good option for people who like to sleep on a very soft surface.

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Foam mattress

foam mattress
Foam Mattress

The foam mattress is made up of high-density polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam is also known as polyfoam or PU foam. It is the most common type of foam used in foam mattresses. If you love to sleep on an extra soft surface then a foam mattress will work best for you. A foam mattress does not provide any bounciness like a spring mattress.

 Advantages of Foam Mattress

 Foam mattresses are highly durable.

Provide a soft and comfortable surface.

Good for relief from back or neck pain.

No motion transfer.

Disadvantages of Foam Mattress

Medium to the high cost.

Expensive than coir and spring mattress.

Foam mattresses retain some heat from your own body.

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Memory Foam Mattress

memory foam mattress
Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress is basically made from polyurethane foam, but with different manufacturing processes, and additional material is used as well. It is also referred to as viscoelastic polyurethane foam. Memory foam is of more premium quality than normal foam. Therefore, it delivers a high level of comfort than normal polyurethane foam. A memory foam mattress provides extra soft and pressure-relieving surfaces for your sleep. It also contours around your body and provides ultimate support and comfort during sleep. It relieves pressure points up to a greater extent. It is recommended for relieving pain and body aches.

People who are suffering from neck or back pain can have a very comfortable sleep on a memory foam mattress. Most of the modern memory foam mattresses are made with an open-cell structure (breathable) formula, so if the label says that the mattress is made from breathable material then it does not retain heat from your body. The cooling gel foam mattress is another variety of memory foam mattresses. There is only an additional feature that the top layer of this mattress is infused with gel to keep you cool during hot summer nights. The cooling gel foam mattress is more expensive than a memory foam mattress.

Advantages of Memory Foam Mattress

Longer lifespan.

It is stuffed with many layers of fabric, so it holds shape very well and does not sag or shrink easily.

Memory foam mattress provides an extremely soft surface for your sleep.

Good support for your back and spinal alignment.

Highly comfortable surface for people suffering from stiff neck and back pain issues.

Good for all types of sleeping positions and also relieve pressure from heavier body parts. Good for all types of sleeping positions and also relieve pressure from heavier body parts.

It doesn’t exhibit motion transfer while your partner makes movement in bed.

If a breathable fabric is used then it does not retain heat from your body.

Most of the modern memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic, they don’t cause allergies.

Disadvantages of Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress is more premium quality stuff than normal foam, therefore they are more expensive.

They can retain heat from your body if no breathable fabric is used.

If you like to sleep on a harder surface then the softness of this mattress can be disappointing for you.

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Conclusion- if you are looking for medium comfort & budget-friendly option, then a coir mattress is the perfect choice for you. However, budget is not a problem & you want an extra soft or highly comfortable, mattress then you can look for a foam mattress. A spring mattress can be your first choice if you like an extra bouncy feel.

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