10 Best 2.1 Speakers Under 10000 | Expert Reviews (2022)

Speakers are one of the important things if you love music and want to hear at high quality in your home.

There are many types of speakers available in the markets but many people buy poor quality speakers for a huge amount of money.

In fact, many people did not know about the speakers and their specifications available at different prices.

To avoid these types of problems, we have come up with a solution by preparing the list of 10 best 2.1 speakers available under 10000 in India.

List of 10 Best Speakers Under 10000 in India With Pros & Cons

Now you have a clear understanding of speakers and their types with the buying guide.

Now you have an idea of how to buy a quality speaker under the budget of 10000 in India.

But to reduce that work, we have already chosen some of the best speakers available in India under 10000.

The list of 10 best 2.1 speakers under 10000 in India is listed below.

Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1 Channel USB Multimedia Speaker System (80W)

This speaker will give a rich bass and is highly recommended for gaming consoles, TVs. DVD players, smartphones, etc.

The multiple connectivity options will enable you to immerse yourself in the world of good music and audio systems.

You can connect this speaker through AUX-in and also connect with Bluetooth for wireless connection.

The AUX-in connection is very easy to connect and even older people can do it without any difficulties.

The FM present in this speaker will allow you to listen to multiple FM channels and you can store up to 100 stations in this speaker.

The output power of this speaker is 80W and it is good enough to deliver rich bass and lifelike stereo sound.

The combination of both stereo sound and rich bass will take your listening experience to a whole new level.

Other connectivity options are SD card input and USB input so that you can listen to tons of songs and music.

Another advantage of this speaker is you can place it in any way you like, that is, you can convert it into a soundbar or tower according to your choice.

  • Multiple connectivity options and different equalizer mode comes in handy
  • Convertible speakers which can be used as soundbars or as tower speakers
  • Delivers impeccable rich bass along with lifelike stereo sound
  • There will be no treble control and the quality of the remote is also not too great.

Oblage HT-144 2.1 Home Theatre Speaker System (100W)

This speaker is one of the best and quality speakers available on this list because of its various features.

The music clarity of the speakers is top-notch and your expectation on vocal clarity will also be satisfied.

It will catch up with all the sounds of the instruments that are playing in the music and reach your ears pleasantly.

These speakers will deliver the music or audio in large rooms also and to say precisely it can cover up to 175 square feet of closed rooms.

It is said that the burning period of this speaker is 8 hours but it will deliver good music even after that period too.

Both the bass and treble are given equal importance to maintain the balance of the audio and music.

The frequency range is also wider so you can enjoy the soothing and comfortable sound at your comfort place.

Then you should not play any distorted music in this speaker because it will affect the lifespan of the speakers and this rule is for all the speakers.

It supports Bluetooth version 5.0 so there will be fewer or no latency issues will be faced in this speaker.

  • Both vocal and instrumental clarity of the speaker is top-notch
  • Wider frequency range and captures every sound of the instrument
  • Does not hurt your ears by playing loud music
  • This speaker is not suitable for loud listeners

Sony SA-D20 2.1 Channel Wireless Multimedia Speaker with Bluetooth (60 Watt)

Sony is one of the leading brands in the electronic industry all over the world and it also produces multimedia speakers for quality music experience.

You can connect your mobile with the speakers through Bluetooth and enjoy music wirelessly.

Also, you can play music from youtube, Spotify, Gaana, etc. which has a big library of music in almost all categories.

It has a wide frequency response (40 Hz to 150 Hz) and the total output power is 60 watts.

You can connect it with other devices such as televisions, computers, music players, Android, iOS, etc.

This speaker is a Sony product so you can expect impeccable clarity with no distortion.

Every individual frequency was clearly audible and it gives you the theatrical feel while watching movies or series.

Another advantage of this speaker is durability and you can expect this feature in all Sony products.

Along with Bluetooth connectivity, it also has USB and AUX-in connectivity methods.

  • More durable and last longer than many other speakers
  • Top-notch clarity with theatrical feel while watching movies
  • Powerful subwoofer with a wide frequency response
  • Sometimes the heavy bass in closed rooms can cause an unpleasant listening experience

Creative Stage 2.1 Channel Under-Monitor Soundbar (160W)

This is also one of the best speakers on our list which comes with a good and compact design.

The soundbars of this speaker are sleek and compact so they can be placed under your computer for a good music experience.

When the soundbar is placed under your while playing games, the sound effects will make you feel like you are inside the game.

The custom-tuned drivers will enhance the dialog clarity and improve the overall audio performance.

If you want to set these speakers in the wall then you can fix them in your wall for a good music experience because it comes with a wall mounting kit.

Like other speakers, both wired (AUX-in) and wireless (Bluetooth) mode of connectivity is supported.

The Bluetooth will be automatically connected if it is paired once and also has a voice command.

The weight of these speakers (5 kg 100 grams) is very low when compared to the other speakers on our list.

You can access the preset equalization for different modes such as movies, music, concert, and even gaming modes.

  • Compatible with almost all the devices such as TV, computer, mobiles, music players, and goes on
  • The clutter-free and neat audio system set up in your home
  • Lightweight and hassle-free control with 160 W peak power
  • Sometimes the bass and treble get distorted when you increase above 80% of the system volume

F&D T200X 2.1 Bluetooth Soundbar (70W)

This speaker from F&D delivers very good music with crystal clear and heart-thumping bass performance.

It comes up with bright white LED which has high contrast and also comes up with a fully functional remote control.

The FM works on PLL (Phase-locked loop) technology for uninterrupted FM signals and it can store up to 100 FM stations.

The PLL (Phase-locked loop) technology is nothing but a voltage-driven oscillator or electronic circuit with a voltage that constantly adjusts the frequency to match the frequency of an input signal.

This technology is mostly used to modulate, demodulate, filter, stabilize, or recover a signal from a noisy environment or noisy channel where the audio data has been interrupted.

You can use the satellite speakers either as towers or combine them into soundbars according to your convenience.

When the soundbars are combined, they can be perfectly fit under the television or computer because of their sleek and compact design.

It comes with an analog RCA input cable which can be used to connect a variety of audio and video devices such as camcorders, TVs, DVD players, etc.

  • High contrast digital display with bright white LED
  • Good bass quality with full remote control
  • Convertible speakers mean you can use them as either tower speakers or soundbars.
  • Sometimes, the powerful bass can overshadow the sound clarity of the music or audio.

Philips Audio MMS2260B 2.1 CH Multimedia Speakers with Bluetooth

Another quality speaker from the well-established brand – Philips, offers an immersive sound experience.

These Philips speakers come up with finely-tuned audio output and smart connectivity and the design is also good.

The output power of this speaker is 60W RMS that refers to how much continuous power the speaker can handle.

But the peak output power will be higher than this because 60W RMS means that it can run continuously at 60 W for a long time.

This speaker has SD card slots and a USB so that you can hear the music that is present on your pen drivers and other hard disks.

Like other speakers, it will work on Bluetooth-enabled devices too and the output sound quality will be the same as the original sound quality.

The weight of this speaker (5kg 830grams) is also very low when compared to other speakers on our list.

You can hear music from FM stations too and it can store up to 100 stations so that you can hear a variety of FM channels.

  • Can play music from multiple sources such as USB, FM, Bluetooth, etc
  • Different equalization mode is available and you can configure according to your convenience
  • Bass performance and speaker quality are good and can be used for home theatre and party purposes.
  • There will be no treble control and the quality of the remote is also not too great.

BoAt Aavante Bar 2.1 Channel Home Theatre Soundbar (120W)

We have already seen many established and leading brands on this list and another leading brand – Boat will also join this list with its awesome speakers.

The total output power of this speaker is 120 watt RMS which is good enough to deliver quality audio output.

The sub-woofer produces amazing bass effects which will be a huge advantage for bass lovers.

The design of the soundbars is sleek and compact so that they can perfectly fit under television and computers.

It requires very less space because of its compact and sleek design with a premium finish.

Like many other speakers in our list, it also has multiple connectivity modes that include USB, optic, AUX, etc.

The surround sound provides you with a cinematic experience that enhances your listening experience and entertains you.

It has different equalization modes such as news, movies, music, and 3D modes for a good and quality viewing experience.

  • Sleek and Compact design with premium finish
  • Different equalization modes according to the content you watch
  • Compatible with multiple devices and has multiple connectivity modes
  • Sometimes the remote will not connect with the system

Sony SA-D40 4.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker System

This speaker is a 4.1 channel multimedia speaker that has 4 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer.

With the presence of 4 speakers, the sound quality will go beyond your expectation.

You can connect easily with the USB port and it also supports Bluetooth connectivity.

This speaker comes up with a bass reflex system which will increase the efficiency of the system even at low frequencies.

The sub-woofer is big so you can listen to a wider sound effect and the frequency response of this speaker is also wider.

However, it produces good bass and sound effects but it does not have any memory card slot in it.

  • Strong bass performance and sound effects
  • The Bass reflex system enhances the efficiency of the system
  • Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth along with remote control
  • No memory card slot is available on this speaker

Logitech Z623 THX 2.1 Channel Wired Speaker (400 Watt)

It is also one of the best speakers available on the list which can guarantee you the premium 2.1 sound quality.

This speaker has THX-Certification which shows the quality of the speakers and their performance.

THX-certification is a certificate awarded to speakers which will reproduce sound at reference quality for given room size.

This speaker has one of the highest peak power (400W) or highest RMS power (200W) on our list.

With this level of output power, you can expect a crystal clear clarity and high bass level to enhance your listening experience.

The controls to monitor volume and bass intensity are integrated into the speaker so that it gives you complete control over your listening experience.

Like other speakers, it also has multiple input options and can be connected through both wired and wireless modes.

You do not need to disconnect the speaker with your device when switching between devices.

Another advantage is the weight of this speaker because it weighs only 1 kg and it is very low when compared to other speakers.

  • THX-certified speaker for premium sound quality
  • Lightweight (1kg) so you can move it anywhere without any difficulties
  • Multiple input and connectivity options with high output power
  • We did not find any notable cons in this speaker

Corseca Havoc DMS8280 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speaker

This special feature of this speaker is DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology and bass reflex construction.

DSP technology is used to measure, compress, or filter an analog signal and enables the processing and manipulation of sensory data.

To perform this function, DSP needs to perform a large number of mathematical functions (like addition, subtraction) at high speed with minimal energy consumption within a fixed or constrained time frame.

The DSP chipset in this speaker will balance the beats and rhythms perfectly for a pleasant listening experience.

The bass reflex system increases the efficiency of the system even at low frequencies by using the sound from the rear side of the diaphragm.

The weight of this speaker (3kg 700grams) is also very low and you can take or move the speakers anywhere without any difficulties.

With the remote control, you can have full control of the speaker that includes toggling between Bluetooth, Aux, and USB modes and controlling volume according to your wish at your comfort position.

The 80W RMS output power is enough to deliver quality music and it supports a USB port for MP3 playback and power charging your smartphones.

  • Built-in Digital Signal Processing for refined and perfect sound reproduction
  • The Bass reflex system increases the efficiency of the system even at low frequencies
  • Full control in remote along with spectacular bass performance
  • The design and look of this speaker are not appealing, other than that, we did not find any significant cons in this speaker.

I did not find my choice. Show me best 2.1 speakers under:

What is a 2.1 channel speaker system?

The name 2.1 channel speaker refers to the number of satellite speakers and subwoofers present in it.

The first number denotes the number of satellite speakers and the second number denotes the number of subwoofers.

The satellite speakers are responsible for the non-bass part of the music while the subwoofer is responsible for the bass part of the music.

In simple words, we can say it as the subwoofer gets the bass and the small speaker gets all the rest.

The bass tracks included in the Dolby and DTS soundtracks, cover low frequency ranges from 20Hz to 200Hz. Sometimes the frequency range of certain music can go up to 3 hertz too.

Advantages of 2.1 Speakers

The 2.1 speakers have a lot of advantages and benefits in them and they are given below.

  • The 2.1 speakers have 2 speakers and 1 subwoofer so you can carry it without any difficulties.
  • The weight of these speakers is also very low when compared to 5.1 speakers.
  • It is very easy to set up and due to the presence of 2 speakers, there will be fewer wires present in it.
  • If it is a wireless speaker then there will be no wires to bother you or confuse you.
  • Most of the 2.1 speakers are convertible speakers so you can use the satellite speakers either as tower speakers or soundbars.
  • It has multiple connectivity options so that you can enjoy the songs or music with an extended library.
  • The sound quality and the bass effects of the 2.1 speakers produce an amazing listening experience.

Things To Check Before or While Buying a 2.1 Speakers

Now you know what a 2.1 speaker is and its advantages so we get into the buying guide, that is, important things to check before or while buying a speaker.


The controls of the speakers should not be too complex so that even old people can switch on the speakers and enjoy the music.

Nowadays the control has become so easy and you can control the whole speaker at your convenient position.

The remote control comes with bass and treble control so that you can adjust them according to your mode.

Frequency Range and Bass

The frequency range of the speaker should be wider so that every bass of the music can be captured.

The speaker system must have at least 40Hz to 20kHz because the human audible frequency ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz.

The bass is one of the important things in speakers and it should be balanced to give a good music output.

Some people love high bass music so the speaker should have bass control for high bass music lovers.


This is a must-check parameter before or while buying not only speakers but also for every other product.

Always buy a speaker that has high durability so that it will last longer and does not cause any damages.

If possible, try to buy a speaker that can be upgraded later instead of replacing them with new speakers.

Check for Distortion

While buying the speakers, check them more than twice whether it produces a vibration from the speaker cabinet or abrasive sounds.

If they produce these types of sounds and vibrations, then avoid those speakers because they are made of cheap components and sold for high rates.

Instead of those cheap products, try to buy speakers with crystal clear audio output with good bass without any distortion.

Multiple Connectivity Options

Always prefer speakers with multiple connectivity options so that your listening experience will have no limits.

The speaker should have both wired and wireless modes of connection so that you can enjoy the music according to your wish.

It should support other input forms such as USB, AUX-in, etc. and it should have a memory card slot too.

Total Output Power

The total output power is nothing but electrical power that is transferred from an audio amplifier to a loudspeaker and is measured in watts.

With a budget of 10000 Indian rupees, you can expect a good output power speaker system that ranges from 50W to 200W.

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