What is the next size in smart TV after 32?

The typical TV panel sizes available today are 32, 40, 42, 46/49, and 55 inches. The market is quite saturated with these sizes, but if you are looking for something different in size, LG provides TVs up to 77 inches. 

What else can make your viewing experience more fun if it’s not about the size? You can get around the TV like a circle or even a heart shape. 

Samsung has introduced an 88 inches bendable 4K ultra HD TV, which seems to be something you might want to watch out for.

Sony, as usual, delivers the best design and technology in TV sets compared to other brands. 4K LED TV with X-Reality Pro is the latest addition to their collection of smart TVs, so check it out!

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Choices of Smart Tv sizes also depend on other factors like the area of the living area or the bedroom of your house. If the area is tight, then a smaller size of TV will suit you best, but if you want to make it look like a theater, go for bigger sizes of smart TV.

The cost of high-resolution TVs is coming down all the time. The prices have fallen sharply in recent years, and you’ll now find some very affordable options if you’re looking for a new TV. Of course, with great deals comes great responsibility, so most people are not willing to drain their bank accounts to get a TV. So make sure you are not spending more than what your budget allows for.

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