Does an Android Smart TV uses more data of phone by hotspot as compared to laptop while watching the same thing and the same way?

Let’s look at an example to answer this question. A person wants to watch a movie using his phone as a hotspot, sharing the data with another device like a smart TV. He is concerned about which one will use more data. Hence he posted this question so that it could be clarified for him.

There are certain points that should be considered when answering this question. One of them is the number of devices that are sharing the hotspot data. This is because with more devices using it, the speed of the internet will be slower. Another one is how many times you use the smart TV to browse or watch movies compared to your phone.

A person can use his phone as a hotspot for his smart TV and still answer this question. A person can hook up his phone to the TV and use it as a hotspot. Once both are connected, he can sit back and watch movies or anything else on the TV screen. He will be surprised by how smoothly everything works out without any hiccups. Now, if you ask him which one has more data usage, what do you think he will answer? Of course, the smart TV rather than his phone. This is because it uses more data compared to the phone. He can watch his favorite show while surfing other websites on his phone without any noticeable slowdowns. This means that watching videos or movies on the TV screen makes the internet connection slower, even if you use just one device. So, which one will use more data?

While watching the same thing, watching movies on smart TV uses more data compared to using your phone as a hotspot. This is because it runs slower than your phone.

Even if both devices are connected to the internet through just one hotspot, the smart TV always consumes more data than the phone. This is because it takes more time to load web pages and videos compared to your Android device.

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