5 HP Atta Chakki Price

Atta Chaki or the Flour Mill processes grains into flour and other related products. The milling process begins by cleaning the grain and removing any debris or foreign objects. The grain is then ground into flour using a series of mills that progressively reduce the size of the particles.

The modern Atta Chaki uses a variety of equipment to grind the grain into flour. The first step is to pass the grain through a screen that removes any large chunks of debris. The grain is then passed through a series of steel rollers that reduce the size of the particles. These rollers are usually made up of three cylinders, each with two steel surfaces separated by a slight gap. As the name suggests, these rollers rotate in opposite directions to one another and gradually move closer together.

There are various types of Atta Chaki, but the simplest version consists of a drive shaft that rotates the rollers. This can be powered by an electric motor or a manual hand crank. The grain is fed through a funnel and pushes out flour as it emerges from the other end.

As part of this guide, we will review the 6 best 5hp atta chakki that you can buy at the best price.

List of atta chaki:

Sl. NO. Name of the product Price

  1. Mill Power 5 HP Atta Chaki – Rs. 44800
  2. Sonar Appliances 5 HP Single Phase Industrial Flour mill – Rs. 67500
  3. 5 HP commercial Atta Chaki – Rs. 48000
  4. Heavy Duty flour mill 5 HP – Rs. 53975
  5. Navdeep 5 HP Commercial Atta Chaki – Rs. 70999
  6. 5 HP 2 in Flour Mill Pulveriser – Rs. 36000

Mill Power 5 hp Atta Chaki:


  • Capacity: 45-50 Kg
  • Motor Power: 5 Hp
  • Power Consumption: 3.7 Kwh
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Mill Power is a heavy-duty atta chaki made for commercial use. It has a capacity of 45-50 kg and requires a motor power of 5 hp. The mill consumes 3.7 kWh of power and is made entirely of stainless steel for easy cleaning. It is the perfect choice for busy restaurants, bakeries, and other food service establishments.

It has a Stainless Steel body, and the Stone parts are made of A-grade Brushed finished stainless steel for heavy-duty. It can be easily cleaned.

It meets all the safety standards, like CE and ISO. The motor is of 3 Phase type. You can grind all kinds of grains with it, including Wheat, Rice, Maize/Corn, Millet, Besan, Ragi, Juwar, Dal & Small Size Black pepper, Sugar, Turmeric, few Masala Red Chili, Dry leaves, etc. It is a heavy-duty mill.

The product has a 1 Year warranty and is made of the finest quality material to ensure a long life.

Sonar Appliances 5 HP Single phase industrial flour mill


  • Capacity – 45 to 50 Kg
  • Motor – 5HP
  • Power Consumption – 3.75 unit/hr
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Stone Size – 12 * 6 Blade 

Sonar Appliances 5HP single-phase is an industrial flour mill is an automatic machine that provides efficient working. Its stainless steel body ensures long-lasting performance. It works on 220 volts, 50-60 HZ & 3.75 unit/hr power consumption with 1 year warranty.

It has a 1 year warranty, and it runs on 220 Volt, 50-60 HZ. The capacity for the machine is 45 to 50 kg. The material of construction is stainless steel. It has a 5 HP Motor Power, and it works in an automatic way, with Semi-Automatic Operation Mode. The stone Size for this machine is 12X6 BLADE Material Stainless Steel.

Overall, this flour mill is a heavy-duty machine with a single phase to use for commercial purposes. It has a great design and good capacity for production. It has some good features which make it a valuable machine. So, if you are looking for an efficient and durable flour mill, then this one from Sonar Appliances is a great option to consider.

5 HP Commercial Atta Chaki: 


  • Capacity – 75 Kg
  • Motor – 7.5HP
  • Power Consumption – 3.7 units/hr
  • Material – Mild Steel
  • Stone Size – 12 * 5 Blade

This Commercial atta chakki by Mill Power Industries is a semi-automatic machine that has a capacity of grinding around 75 kg of flour an hour. It is made of mild steel and is best suited for grinding all grains like wheat, rice, maize/corn, millet, besan, ragi, juwar, dal, and small size black pepper. It cannot grind chili or any oily or wet materials such as all herbs like clove, cinnamon. Since the machine has a speed of 144 RPM, it will run smoothly and quietly.

This mill is best suited for commercial purposes where you need to grind more than 100 kg of flour in a day. This atta chaki runs on a power supply of 230 V and 14 A. The machine comes with a 3-year warranty. This machine occupies a small footprint and can easily be accommodated in any kitchen or store. It also has a dust collector that helps keep your area clean. The chaki is made of high-quality steel and is corrosion-resistant. The body is powder-coated to protect it from wear and tear.

So if you are looking for a durable and reliable commercial atta chaki, then the Mill Power Industries 5 HP Atta Chaki is the perfect choice for you. It will help you grind all your grains quickly and easily, with minimal fuss.

Heavy-duty flour mill 5 HP

  • Capacity – 90 Kg
  • Motor – 5.1 HP
  • Power Consumption – units/hr
  • Material – Stainless steel

Heavy-duty flour mill 5 HP is an automatic machine. This machine is used for grinding various things like Sugar, wheat, besan, rice, herbs, moong, etc. This machine is made up of high-end stainless steel. It can grind up to 90 kg per hour. A mill such as this is most suitable for commercial uses where you grind more than 90 kg of dry fruit items per day. 

This machine is made up of high technology. It drives 240V power in a single-phase and 440V power in the third phase. Heavy-duty flour mill has a great capacity for producing in bulk amounts. It is very easy to maintain. It is a great choice if you want to get a good all-in-one machine under your budget. It also has a brilliant after-sales service. 

Navdeep 5 HP Commercial Atta Chakki

  • Capacity – 100 Kg
  • Motor – 5 HP
  • Power Consumption – 7.5 units/hr
  • Material – Stainless steel
  • Stone size – 12×6 inch

Navdeep 5 HP atta chakki is solely made for commercial uses. It has a dimension of 11x40x60. This is an excellent machine that draws only 440V power. You can use it to grind multiple things like wheat, Rava, Besan, Rice, Sugar, turmeric, red chilies, Ambala, herbs, corn, jowar. 

This machine has an RPM of 2800. Navdeep 5 HP Commercial Atta Chakki is compact enough to be installed at home in 2X2. Flour and spices do not fly here and there and create a mess. Reliable with ISI mark and 100% copper motor. It is very easy to clean. It is also used to ground cumin and coriander. 

5 HP 2 in Flour Mill Pulveriser

  • Capacity – 45 Kg
  • Motor – 5 HP
  • Power Consumption – 3 units/hr
  • Material – Stainless steel

This 5 HP 2 in Flour Mill Pulveriser is a semi-automatic machine that readily grinds up to 45 kg. Thanks to the stainless steel body, corrosion is prevented. It has a three-phase motor. It consumes 3KW per hour of power. It is a very handy pulveriser. This machine has a very good design and is easy to maintain also. 

It has a 6-month warranty on the motor. It comes with 2 cotton bags also. 5 HP 2 in Flour Mill Pulveriser is solely suitable for heavy commercial usage. Despite its price being a bit high, it still has value for money. It is a multipurpose machine and very helpful in grinding a good amount on a daily basis. 

Here ends our list of the best of 6 Atta Chaki. We have tried to give you all the information in one place. Now you can choose the machine which best suits your needs. We have jotted down all the features in a separate point so that you can find it not so difficult to choose among all of them. The prices are also not high, and it’s reasonable. Go get your pulverizer today and let us know in the comment section.

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