Best Oil Expeller Machine in India | Expert Reviews, Price (2022)

An oil pressing machine or Oil expeller machine is one of the useful machines to have in your home if you want a good and healthy oil for your food.

It can extract oil from various items such as soybean, coconut, and many more then it can be used for various purposes.

The extracted oil is very healthy and the remaining seeds or raw materials are a source of protein and you can use it for manure for the plants.

There are different types of oil pressing machines available in the market and we will see the types below.

Types of Oil Expelling Machine

There are two types of oil expelling machine exists and they are given below

  • Screw Press
  • Hydraulic Press

Screw Press

In screw press type, the seeds or raw materials are pressed through a caged-like cavity to extract oil.

This type of oil pressing machine is mostly used in homes and sometimes in small businesses.

Heat is not added externally but while pressing the seeds or raw material, the heat will be automatically generated due to friction.

Some small businesses or manufacturers use cooling technology to prevent overheating and it also reduces the temperature of the machine.

Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic press oil expeller machine uses the hydraulic cylinder to produce the force to press the seeds.

It uses both the traditional oil pressing method and modern oil extracting technology to extract the oil.

The seeds or raw materials should be loaded in the cylinder for the process and it takes about 5 to 7 minutes to extract oil from seeds.

The combination of oil pressing methods will make you extract pure and healthy oil easily and the operation is also simple.

Benefits of Oil Pressing Machine

Oil pressing machines can be used in both personal and commercial ways. It has lots of benefits in it and some of them are listed below.

  • You can extract oil from a variety of seeds and nuts at your home according to your usage.
  • Extract fresh and edible oil at your home without worrying about any additional elements.
  • Stay away from the solvent (chemical) residues in oil.
  • The oil pressing machines are small and compact so you feel no difficulties in moving them.
  • You can start a small business with the help of an oil extracting machine and sell your fresh and edible oil.
  • You can use the freshly extracted pure oil for making healthy and delicious dishes and meals.
  • Most of the oil pressing machines available in the markets are automatic, so you do not need to do things manually.

Things to Consider While Buying Oil Pressing Machine

If you are really looking into buying a quality oil pressing machine for your personal or professional use, then you have to consider some parameters while buying it.

Many people fail to see those parameters and end up buying poor or bad machines.

You should not make those same mistakes because the price of the oil pressing machine is very high and you should spend the amount on the right machines.

That is why we have created some parameters to check while buying the machine and you can take it as a simple buying guide.

Motor Power

Motor power is an important parameter everyone should focus on while buying an oil pressing machine.

Make sure you bought a machine with motor power from 400 to 600 watts.

These types of machines will run continuously for 5 to 8 hours without getting hot.

You can also buy compact machines with motor power in the range of 230 watts which will save your electric bills but need rest for every 4 hours for efficient output.

Size and Weight

Whether you are going to buy a machine for home purposes or commercial purposes, you should look into the size and weight of the machine.

The size should not be too big when you are using them for home purposes and for small businesses doing at home.

The size should be compact and small and the weight of the machine should be around 6 to 8 kg but should not exceed more than 12 kgs.

Multi-purpose oil extractor

Look into the usage of an oil extractor machine whether it presses a single type of seed or is used for multi-purpose.

Always prefer an oil pressing machine with multi-pressing functionality to get a variety of good and pure oil.

With the multi-purpose oil pressing machine, you can obtain oil from soybean, walnuts, sesame seeds, flaxseeds, etc.


Durability is also another important factor because the machine should work well for a long time.

The price of the machine is expensive so check the durability once or twice before buying the machine.

If some parts seem to be weak or damaged don’t buy them and instead, get a machine with a strong and sturdy build.

Cold Pressing or Hot Pressing

There are two types of oil pressing processes present: Cold pressing and hot-pressing process.

In the cold pressing process, the machine does not heat the seeds and does not need any pre-conditioning of the input material.

It also eliminates the side effects caused due to heating and retains the flavor and natural color of the oil.

In the hot-pressing process, the seeds or raw materials are heated before the extraction process.

It is easy to operate and most of the mills use this process because of low production cost and high oil yielding efficiency.

Oil Extraction Capacity

The capacity is nothing but the amount of raw material that can be used as an extractor in one hour.

Most of the oil pressing machines in the market provide a capacity of 3 to 8 kg/hr according to the seeds.

And make sure you also buy a machine with a capacity of 3 to 8 kg/hr for efficient usage.

List of Best Oil Expeller Machine in India With Detailed Reviews & Latest Price

Now you have an understanding of the oil expeller machine and its types with a buying guide.

We did a lot of research and picked up a few oil pressing/oil expeller machines in India to reduce your work.

We have listed them below with pros and cons and you can choose them according to your needs.

Savaliya Industries SI-702 400 Watts Oil Press Machine

Savaliya Industries produces Oil press machines with high efficient build quality and with many other features.

This oil press machine has a special cutting blade screw that ensures every drop of oil is collected from the items.

With this oil press machine, you can obtain pure and healthy oil from various raw materials.

It has a built-in thermostat heating device and it has three types of pressing that include hot, cold, or frying settings according to your needs.

The power of this oil press machine is also 400 Watts only which is good enough to produce efficient oil pressing.

This oil press machine is not only for home usage, you can use it for small businesses too.

You can obtain oil from various raw materials such as peanut, coconut, sesame, soybean, etc.

When it comes to mobility, you can move it from one place to another without any difficulties because it is small in size.

Due to the presence of the thermostat, you can work on this oil press machine continuously for 3 to 5 hours without any overheating issues.

  • Noise-free operation and easy installation
  • Works continuously for long hours (3 – 5 hours) without any issues
  • The presence of stainless steel prevents corrosion
  • We did not find any significant cons in this oil press machine

Gorek Technologies GT-OT 600-Watt Oil Press/Maker Machine

It is also one of the best oil press machines on our list because of its multiple features.

The motor of this efficient oil press machine runs at the speed of 4 to 8 kg/hr according to the material.

The dual cooling system will help to enhance the running time of the power by handling the temperature of the machine.

The standby time of this machine is up to 24 hours and you can work on this machine continuously for 6 to 8 hours.

It runs on an industrial motor so it requires 600 watts of electricity which increases the expense of your electric bill.

This oil press machine is easy to use, clean, move, and store the machine.

It fulfills all major oil pressing requirements and is useful in pressing various items such as peanuts, almonds, sesame, coconut, sunflower seeds, etc.

However, it has an industrial motor but you should give a proper rest to the machine for 1 hour after every 5 to 6 hours for proper and efficient functioning.

  • High work hours (works continuously for 6 to 8 hours)
  • Easy to operate, clean, move, and store
  • A dual cooling system will enhance the working functionality of the machine
  • It does not have a digital temperature controller, other than this, we did not find any significant cons in this machine

EcoSmart TC 02 600 Watts Oil Maker Machine

This oil pressing machine is more durable than its competitor and very easy to install in your home.

The motor power is 600 watts so it provides efficient oil pressing and it requires little to no maintenance because of its durability.

When it comes to mobility, you can move it with less effort and it is very easy to operate.

The capacity of this machine is 4 to 8 kg/hr, that is, it can press the 4 to 8 kg of seeds in 1 hour.

It can be used for multi-function such as home purpose and for also small business purpose too.

Like other oil pressing machines, it also presses various types of items such as sesame, coconut, walnut, etc.

Then the extracted oil is also pure and healthy so that you can make delicious and healthy meals with the oil.

The blade is made of stainless steel so it does not corrode or rust out and works properly for a long time.

  • Multi-functional usage with efficient motor
  • More durable and lasts longer than other oil press machines
  • Blades are corrosion-resistant because of stainless steel
  • It does not have any temperature controller so it will have overheating issues.

Happy2Buy DS-800 230 Watts Cold Press Automatic Oil Machine

This oil press machine has a lot of features and technologies implemented in it.

The moisture removal technology of this machine will help to remove the moisture from the seeds and results in pure and healthy oil.

This machine is India’s first oil expeller machine with this moisture removal technology and also India’s first oil maker with mobile application-based customer support.

Another big advantage of this machine is their weight; the weight of this machine is 7.5 kg only which makes it very easier to move and carry around.

The material of this machine is made of stainless steel so it does not rust out or corrode so easily.

The motor requires 230 watts of power which is very less when compared to others and saves your electric bill immensely.

  • Weighs only 7.5 kgs that makes it easier to carry or move around
  • Works on 230 Watts which will help in saving your electric bills
  • Aesthetic looks corrosion-resistant and easy to operate
  • Cannot be used to press hard and low oil content seeds such as soybean, corn, grape seed, etc.

Seeds to Oil (S2O-2A) 450 Watts Oil Pressing/Extractor Machine

The design of this oil extractor machine is also compact so it does not occupy much space in your home.

The oil extracted from this machine is pure and healthy and you can use it for cooking healthy foods and meals.

This oil pressing machine is compact and made of stainless steel which protects from corrosion and does not rust out so easily.

Like other oil press machines, it also extracts oil from various seeds and items such as coconut, sesame, soybean, walnuts, etc.

This oil extractor machine weighs around 5.5 kg which is very lower than the oil press machine we have seen above.

The motor requires 450 watts of power to operate and it is very easy to operate, clean, store.

It will work continuously for 4 hours without any break and you should give a break for at least 10 minutes for efficient usage.

  • Weighs around 5.5 kg so it is easy to move or carry around
  • Compact and Corrosion resistance comes in handy
  • Work 4 hours continuously with 10 minutes of short break
  • Sometimes the extracted oil is still hot at a temperature

Savaliya Industries SI-801 Cold Pressing Automatic Oil Maker Machine 

Savaliya Industries has one of the best build qualities for home and kitchen appliances that makes them stand apart from its competitors.

This oil press machine from Savaliya Industries has safety and oil leakage prevention.

This machine automatically stops working to prevent electric shock when you open the cover.

It is also one of the lightweight and best oil press machines available in our list of best oil expeller machines.

The oil can be extracted from a variety of raw materials such as peanut, coconut, sesame, almond, mustard, etc.

Both the raw materials and the extracted oil do not touch any plastic parts so the quality of the oil will be pure and healthy.

The oil press is fully automatic and you do not need to press manually and it is also easy to install and clean.

It will extract quality oil from big material to small material without heating the ingredients separately.

The power supply required to operate this machine is 220V and the materials are made of stainless steel.

The compact size of this machine allows it to move freely without any difficulties and the materials do not rust out or corrode so easily.

  • Equipped with a smart chip for enhanced functionality
  • Light-weight and automatic voice prompts comes in handy
  • Used for both home purposes and small business
  • We did not see any significant cons in this oil press machine

EPS 400 Watts Oil Press Machine/Oil Maker

EPS oil press machine can extract oil from more than 100 types of seeds such as mustard, almonds, etc.

This machine has industrial motors so it can work continuously for long hours but it is better to give some rest for every 5 to 6 hours of usage.

The rest of the machine is necessary to enhance the working functionality and to increase the lifespan.

The cleaning process of this machine is not complex and you can do it with less effort.

But be sure that you should start the cleaning process after 30 minutes of oil pressing because the chamber will be hot and you should not touch it with bare hands.

The digital temperature controller is another advantage of this machine which allows you to set the temperature according to the seeds you are using.

The working capacity is also good in this machine, that is it can extract oil from 3 to 6 kg/hr according to the material.

When compared to other oil expeller machines on our list, it is a little bit heavier but you can move around with little effort.

  • Extract oil from more than 100 types of seeds
  • Digital temperature controllers help you to control the temperature
  • Convenient and easy to operate
  • Sometimes the oil may spill out from the crushing rod, other than that, we did not see any significant cons in this oil expeller machine.

CIBOFRESCO 230 watts Home Oil Maker 

This oil expeller machine requires the power of 230 watts to run an efficient motor to press the seeds.

However, it requires low power but the efficiency will be good enough when compared to other oil expellers.

The weight of this machine is 8 kilograms so it is easy to move this machine with or without effort.

It has a built-in locking mechanism for consumer safety and it will not start until the consumer locks the machine properly.

This oil expeller removes the moisture from the seeds and presses them to extract the 100% pure and healthy oil.

Another best feature of this oil expeller is you do not need to wait for the machine to cool down for the cleaning process.

You can just start the cleaning process right after the pressing process and the cleaning process is also easier.

This machine also provides mobile application-based customer support to solve the customer/consumer’s queries.

  • Consumes low power which results in reducing power bills expense
  • Moisture removal technology along with touch menu for easy operation
  • Customer support through the mobile-based application
  • Blades are made of plastic so it has high chances of deterioration when it comes into contact with a particular solvent.

SONAR 2000 Watt Commercial Cold Oil Press Machine

This oil press machine is a commercial cold oil press machine that is used to extract oil on a large scale.

It also extracts pure and natural organic edible oil but the efficiency is very higher than the other machines on our list.

The motor requires 2000 watts to operate which is very high and causes high electric bills.

So it will be used for commercial purposes and it can produce a large quantity of edible oil from more than 100 types of seeds.

Since it is a commercial oil pressing machine, the capacity of pressing seeds per hour is also huge.

The capacity is 15 to 20 kg/hr and it varies according to the raw materials.

The weight of the machine is 55 kg so you cannot move this machine easily and it requires a lot of effort and manpower to move this machine.

If you are using this machine in industries then you can move it with the efforts of three to four people.

This machine can work continuously for 24 hours but it is better to give some rest every 8 to 10 hours to maintain the machine’s efficiency.

  • Produce a high quantity of oil from more than 100 types of seeds
  • More suitable for industrial or commercial work rather than personal use
  • Work continuously for 8 to 10 hours without a break
  • Unable to move freely because of its heavyweight (55 kg) and consumes a lot of power

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