4 Best Mini Refrigerator below 8000 in India (2022)

Here we are sharing a list of Bestselling Refrigerator below 8000 rupees in India. We only share honest and to-the-point reviews, which will help buyers to choose the perfect fridge according to their choice and budget.

Before going to the mini-refrigerator list, let’s understand what is Mini-Refrigerator and its features. so you can take better decisions according to your requirement.

What are mini-Refrigerators?

Mini-refrigerators are compact and small refrigerators that are used to cool items.

They are useful in cooling drinks and even vegetables too. The price of the mini-refrigerator is low when compared to traditional normal refrigerators.

Mini refrigerators consume a very low amount of energy. This mini-refrigerator is useful for 1-2 bachelors or college students who are living in hostels.

The mini refrigerator is also suitable for small offices and apartments with limited space. A mini-refrigerator cools slower than the larger or standard refrigerators.

With the help of this mini-refrigerator, you and your friends can have a good party with cool beverages.

You can stock snacks and other foods in your mini-refrigerators and enjoy them whenever you want.

When compared to large refrigerators, a compact mini refrigerator loses a small amount of cold air because of its small size.

If you want to buy a mini-refrigerator then go for high star energy-efficient refrigerators like 5 stars.

It will consume very little energy than the standard refrigerators.

Benefits of mini-refrigerators

Mini refrigerators are accompanied by various benefits. Some of them are

  • Size:

The size of the mini refrigerator is very small so that it does not require any large housing space.

  • Maintenance:

As it is small and compact, the maintenance and cleaning process does not take much time.

  • Electricity:

Mini refrigerators require a small amount of electricity to work so it saves your electricity.

  • Easily movable:

Normal refrigerators are difficult to move from one place to another place.

However, a mini-refrigerator can be easily moved and requires no effort in moving it.

Disadvantages of mini-refrigerators

Mini refrigerators also have some disadvantages. They are

  • Limited Cooling:

Mini refrigerators are not suitable for cooling an item for a long time.

  • Lifespan:

The mini-refrigerators have a short lifespan; they will last from 4 to 12 years.

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What is an energy efficiency star rating?

Energy efficiency star rating is used to measure the overall efficiency of a product registered with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). This bureau comes under the Ministry of Power.

The energy efficiency star rating provides stars 1 to 5; the higher star represents the higher energy efficiency.

The products with higher stars are most likely to reduce your current bills.

If you have a refrigerator with a five-star rating then it is extremely energy efficient and keeps your electric bill low.

However, if you have a refrigerator with a one or two-star rating then it is not an energy-efficient product and it will cost you more money on electric bills.

Always give first preference to a high star energy-efficient refrigerator because it saves your electric bills throughout its lifespan.

You should check the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) logo for the authenticity of the label.

It is said that the appliances with star ratings consume 10-40% less energy than non-rated appliances.

More electricity results in more release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Therefore, buying products based on the energy efficiency star rating is trusted and helps you to save the environment on your behalf.

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List of 4 Best Selling Mini Refrigerator Below 8000

Godrej 30L Qube Personal Cooling Solution

Product Highlights

Brand- Godrej
Capacity- 30L
Shelf Type- Aluminum
Material – Steel
Annual Energy Consumption- 208 Kilowatt Hours
Type- Single Door
Weight- 11kg
Ice Box- No

This mini Godrej fridge is best for small uses. We can keep it in small spaces of the house easily. It’s a budget-friendly product and consumes very little power as compared to other mini-fridges. This fridge comes with a single door only. Keep in mind that there is not any separate icebox to make ice or freeze food. It’s used to keep the food and stored item cool and fresh. Two led lights are given in this fridge for better visibility during the night.


  • Less power consumption.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • We can run it on inverters during power cuts.
  • No compressor used it’s 100 Eco friendly.
  • No compressor means silent operation without any noise


  • No separate Box to make ice or freeze stored items.

Croma 50L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Product Highlights

Brand- Croma
Energy Efficiency- 1 star only
Capacity- 50L
Type- Single Door
Shelf Type- Wired Shelf
Country of Origin- China
Weight- 16Kg
Ice Box- Yes
Defrost Type – Manual

This fridge is manufactured by Croma company. This mini-fridge comes with a separate freezer box to make ice or freeze food or stored items. The company claims that this product comes with a PCM finish outer body. Which will help to keep it rust-free for a longer time. It comes with manual temperature control so you can easily control the cooling temperature according to your need. This Fridge can make ice so it comes with a manual defrost system. Its shelf is made of steel wires.


  • Comes with a separate freezer box to make ice or freeze food.
  • Budget-Friendly.
  • Manual Temperature control system


  • It consumes more power as compared to other mini-fridges. As per the company, it comes with only 1-star energy efficiency rating.

Haier 53L 2star Direct Cool Single Door Fridge

Product Highlights

Brand- Haier
Energy Efficiency Rating- 2star
Capacity- 53L
Annual Energy Consumption- 179 Kilowatt Hours
Freezer Box- Available ( Capacity 3L)
Other Cooling Box capacity for fresh food- 50L
Type- Single Door
Shelf Type- Glass
Material- Stainless Steel
Country of Origin- Vietnam
Product Weight- 15kg

This is the most value-for-money Product. We highly recommend this for our Customers. This fridge comes with separate and big in its segment freezer box to make ice or freeze food or anything. It Cooling and freezing capacity is faster as compared to other fridges. All ice-making fridges work with compressor & it produces vibrations, noises But compressor used in Haier is less noisy as compared to other fridges. So it will not disturb your sleep. This mini fridge even doesn’t need any separate stabilizer. A separate door handle is provided to easily open and close the door. Haier fridge comes with thicker insulation to keep it cool for a longer period. The shelves are made of high-quality glass. Use can easily place heavy items on them. This fridge uses NON-CEC technology, which means it does not use any harmful refrigerants, which is safe for you and our planet.


  • Trust and reliability of Haier
  • Ice Box Available
  • More energy efficient as compared to 1 star Rated Model
  • Less noisy Compressor


  • Costly

Chefman Mini Portable Eraser Board Personal Fridge, Cooling and Heating 

Product Highlights

Product Highlights
Capacity 4L
Brand- Chefman
Type- Portable Mini Fridge
Shelf Type- Wire
Capacity – 4L
Cooling & Heating

This is a portable mini-fridge, which is very small in size. You can easily take it anywhere you want like your suitcase. It has only 4L capacity. Its best suited for personal use or traveling purposes. It comes with both cooling and heating options. There is no separate box for cooling or heating. When it switched to cooling then the whole box will remain cool or at the time of heating, the whole box will remain hot. You can use it to keep drinks, juice, curd or some food or fruits, etc, according to its space. But keep in mind this portable fridge is not as powerful as other fridges. You can use it through your car’s 12vol plug. Because of less power consumption, its heating and cooling capacity is not much stronger. It will work best only if you putt cool or warm food according to your desire. It will just help to keep the hot food hot for a longer time and cool stuff cooler for a longer time. It’s not as powerful as other mini-fridges. The company claims that this fridge also comes with 100 percent freon-free eco-friendly technology.


  • Portable Fridge to Take it anywhere
  • Heating and cooling Both options available.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Can run on even 12v Car Plug


  • Heating and cooling capacity is not much powerful.
  • Costly
  • Only 4L To store food
  • No ice Box

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