15 Best Recording Headphones Under 100 | Expert Reviews (2022)

If you are planning to buy the best Recording headphones under 100, then you are in the right place. After deep research, we have picked the quality headphones that are available under 100 in India.

But before getting into the list, you should know the specification and which type of headphones are available under 100.

In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are also called canalphones or In-ear monitors because they perfectly fit into your ear canals.

The first person who designed in-ear headphones is French engineer Ernest Mercadier and he was awarded a patent for the first-ever in-ear headphones in 1891.

The main purpose of designing these headphones is for the use of telephonists at that time.

But later after that century, it is used for various purposes and different types of upgraded headphones are also designed.

In-ear headphones are the most easily available and traditional type of headphones.

It is because nowadays every mobile phone consists of free in-ear headphones and they are also available in every local shop.

It is very important to have soft earbuds or soft silicone caps because without them these headphones can cause severe pain or irritation to your ears.

In-ear headphones are always very light in weight and more portable than other headphones such as over-ear and on-ear headphones.

In-ear headphones can be connected to mobile in two ways and that is wired connection mode and wireless connection mode.

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Wired In-Ear Headphones

Wired in-ear headphones provide a very good sound quality than wireless in-ear headphones.

There is a separate fanbase for wired in-ear headphones because wired headphones provide unlimited playback time while wireless headphones need constant charging for consecutive usage.

Wired in-ear headphones are very simple to use because they work on plug-and-play systems.

Even old people can connect these wired in-ear headphones in mobiles and enjoy the songs and other audio.


The advantages of wired in-ear headphones are given below

  • Cost – The cost of wired in-ear headphones are very low when compared to other types of headphones
  • Great Sound Performance – Wired headphones tend to perform very well than wireless headphones when it comes to sound quality.
  • Simple and Portable – Wired in-ear headphones are simple to use and easy to carry wherever you want.
  • Playback Time – The playback time for wired headphones is unlimited, which means you can use these headphones for more than 24 hours.


However, wired in-ear headphones also have disadvantages and they are given below.

  • No Freedom of Movements – Your movements are limited or restricted around the device when using wired headphones.
  • Tangling Cables – The cables of headphones are twisted and tangled together and it requires proper care to untangle the cables otherwise the headphones might get damaged.

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Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Wireless in-ear headphones are getting popular throughout the years and have increased their influence on youngsters very quickly.

Wireless in-ear headphones provide freedom of movement around the device and give you more convenience.

You can connect your headphones with mobile through Bluetooth and the latest Bluetooth version is Bluetooth v5.2

Wireless headphones allow you to connect with more devices because nowadays Bluetooth is available on any device.


Some of the advantages of wireless in-ear headphones are given below

  • Freedom of Movement – With wireless technology, you can move wherever you want within the given range of Bluetooth.
  • Tangle-Free – The wireless headphones do not have wires or cables so there is no need for worrying about the problem of tangling cables.
  • Compatibility – Wireless in-ear headphones are more compatible because they can be connected to various electronic devices that have Bluetooth technology.
  • Portability – Wireless headphones tend to be more portable since they do not have any wires or cables so the storage space becomes even lesser.


However, wireless in-ear headphones also have some disadvantages and they are given below.

  • Playback Time – The playback time of wireless headphones is limited and if you want to hear more songs you need to charge them for consecutive uses.

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Things to Consider While Buying a Headphone

To buy the best headphones under 100, you should check out their specifications and features.

But many people did not know the specifications and features to check while buying headphones. So we have given a list of things to consider while buying headphones.

The following specifications are the things you must consider or check before or while buying headphones.

  • Drivers
  • Sensitivity
  • Wired vs Wireless
  • Comfort
  • Noise isolation


If you are going to buy new headphones then it is a must to check the drivers of the headphones.

Drivers play a huge role in headphones because they convert the electrical signal into sound pressure.

The drivers are mostly made up of three components and they are given below

  • The Magnets
  • Voice Coils
  • The Diaphragm

There are many drivers present in headphones but the most used drivers are dynamic drivers.

In the list of best headphones under 100, most of the headphones have dynamic drivers only.

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Sensitivity is a very important specification everyone must check before buying headphones.

Mostly the sensitivity of headphones ranges from 80 dB to 125 dB. It is safe for adults to buy headphones at the range or below 110 dB.

If kids use your headphones, then you should buy headphones with a very low sensitivity range.

For kids, it is safe to buy headphones with sensitivity at 85 dB to 90dB because high sensitivity will cause pain and ear damage.

The threshold of pain for your ears is 120 dB, that is you will feel the pain in your ears if you hear music at 120 dB for just 7 straight minutes.

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Wired vs Wireless

You should choose headphones between wired and wireless according to your usage.

If you want to move freely then wireless in-ear headphones are the best choice for you because it does not restrict or limit your movement around the devices.

If you want to hear non-stop music then wired in-ear headphones are the perfect choice for you because they provide unlimited playback time.


Comfort is one of the most important things to notice while buying headphones because headphones without comfort give you a bad music experience.

You should ensure whether your headphones have soft silicone caps or soft earbuds.

Soft earbuds provide good comfort while wearing the headphones and allows you to use headphones for a long period without any pain or irritation.

If the headphones do not have earbuds or silicone caps then you should think twice about buying the headphones.

It is because they can cause severe pain and irritation when used for even a short period.

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Noise Isolation

Headphones with good earbuds will provide good noise isolation from the surroundings.

The soft earbuds perfectly cover your ear canals and thus it does not allow any external noise to enter into your ears.

This helps in blocking the noise and provides a good music experience while using headphones.

There are some headphones without soft earbuds that also provide good noise isolation by covering the entire ear canals.

But they will cause you pain when used for long hours so try to choose good headphones with good earbuds.

List of 15 Best Recording Headphones Under 100

Now, you will know about the headphones types that are available under 100 and 150.

Now it is time to see the list of best headphones under 100 and the list of best headphones under 150 (100+) separately.

Headphones under 100

FANMADE Nylon Braided Wired Headphones

These headphones are available at very low prices and have a lot of features in them.

The earbuds of these headphones are very comfortable and do not cause pain when used for a long period.

The wires of these headphones are made of nylon so there will be no problem with tangling cables.

These headphones are low in weight so it is more portable and you can take it wherever you want without any difficulties.

– Pros

  • Tangle-free cable due to nylon
  • Perfect choice for bass lovers
  • Compatible with laptop, tablet, PC, and more devices

– Cons

  • We did not discover any cons in these headphones at this price range.

Champ High Bass Earphones

The wires of these headphones are more durable than many other wired headphones.

These headphones deliver super bass stereo sound that will reduce your tension and stress.

The powerful 10 mm speakers are enough for these headphones to produce great audio performance.

These headphones come under wired in-ear headphone type but the weight of these headphones (150 grams) is very high.

– Pros

  • Built with a strong cable to increase durability
  • Deliver super bass stereo sound
  • Available in different or multiple colors

– Cons

  • The weight of these headphones (150 grams) is higher than many other wired in-ear headphones.

Generic Compatible Earphone for All Smart Phones

These headphones come under wired in-ear headphone type and it has a very poor hearing point.

However, these headphones are compatible with all the devices that have a 3.5 mm jack but it does not have soft silicone caps.

The absence of soft silicone caps results in pain in your ears while using them for even a short period.

The sensitivity of these headphones is also 116 dB, which is higher than the safest range that is 110 dB.

– Pros

  • Good frequency range of 18 Hz to 20000 Hz
  • Compatible and have good sensitivity
  • Good and high volume sound performance

– Cons

  • These headphones cause severe pain or irritation when used for a long period.

Generic YR Earphones

These headphones provide great sound performance and deep bass tones.

These headphones have big silicone caps, which will provide good noise isolation.

The silicone caps are also very soft so it does not cause pain when used for a short period but it will cause very little irritation when used for a long period.

It is compatible with many devices such as mp3 players, iPod, portable gaming systems, and all smartphones

– Pros

  • Big silicone caps provide good passive noise cancelation
  • Perfectly fit into your ear and provide good grip
  • Crystal clear sound and deep bass tones

– Cons

  • You may get a little bit of irritation when used for a long period

BYLKO Bluetooth Hands-Free Earphone

These headphones are truly wireless headphones that mean it does not have any wires and it is connected via Bluetooth only.

You can hear music or answer calls on one side only because it is a one-sided earphone.

The one-sided earphone will allow you to hear the surrounding sound so that you can be aware of your surroundings.

These headphones allow two-device connectivity so that you can connect with two devices at a single time.

These headphones are more portable than the wired headphones because they do not have wires.

– Pros

  • Look stylish and easy to carry
  • Lightweight and convenient while driving and playing sports
  • More portable because it does not have wires

– Cons

  • It may be lost very easily because of its small size
  • Only one side play music and the earbuds are also not too soft

Ionix Premium Model HB-21 BaseHeads In-Ear Headphones

If you are looking for headphones with good bass tones, then you can buy these headphones.

These headphones provide good bass because it has powerful drivers, which boosts the bass tones.

Tangling cables may be one of the common problems in these headphones but they provide a case so you can take it wherever you want without any damage.

The soft earbuds allow you to use these headphones for a long period without worrying about pain.

– Pros

  • Compatible with laptop, tablets, mobile, and audio player
  • Provide good bass tones due to powerful drivers

– Cons

  • Other than bass tones, the sound quality is not as great as other headphones.

BEST DEALS JPR Tab Wired Headphone

These headphones provide very good sound quality with bass-driven stereo sound.

But there will be no earbuds or silicone caps present in these headphones.

So it will cause more pain and irritation in your ears even if used for a shorter period and it does not provide noise isolation too.

But if you want to enjoy good sound quality with powerful bass at a low price then you can buy these headphones.

– Pros

  • Excellent and powerful bass-driven stereo sound
  • The in-line microphone allows hands-free calling

– Cons

  • The absence of silicone caps and earbuds cause more pain or irritation when used for a long period

FANMADE Wired 3.5mm Jack Mi Earphone

The 12 mm drivers deliver high-quality sound and deep bass because it has one of the powerful drivers on this list.

These headphones are one of the best headphones under 100 but the only disadvantage is the absence of earbuds or silicone caps.

It provides good comfort, sound quality, bass tones, etc. but it does not have good earbuds to provide more usage time.

– Pros

  • Sound absorbing holes block and reduce ambient noise
  • Powerful drivers deliver strong bass and quality sound performance
  • Lightweight, compatible, and more durable

– Cons

  • Absence of earbuds cause pain in your ears when used for long hours

Deep Bass In-Ear Earphones 

This is one of the best headphones under 100 available on the list because it has a lot of features in it.

It has soft earbuds so that you can enjoy music or songs for long hours without any irritation or pain.

The sound quality is also good with perfect bass tones that will satisfy your expectations.

It has excellent voice transmission and the speech recognition also works accurately.

– Pros

  • Perfect bass with clear and precise sound quality
  • Excellent voice transmission and speech recognition
  • Perfect fit and more comfortable for hearing music for a long period

– Cons

  • We did not discover any cons in these headphones at this price range.

DeoDap Stereo Headphones

The advanced dynamic drivers provide ultra-deep bass with clear sound quality.

These headphones are more comfortable and perfectly fit into your ears because of their flexible design.

The silicone caps provide good noise isolation from the surroundings and the in-line microphone allows perfect voice capture.

The in-line microphone also allows hands-free calling and good voice recognition accuracy.

– Pros

  • Ultra-deep bass with clear sound quality
  • Perfect frequency response of 20 Hz to 20000 Hz
  • Comfortable and provide more grip due to ergonomic design

– Cons

  • We did not discover any cons in these headphones at this price range.

Headphones under 150 (100+)

YR In-Ear Headphone

These headphones come under wired in-ear headphone type and it delivers loud and clear sound.

Along with good and clear sound quality, it provides powerful bass tones too.

These headphones have two buttons in which one is to control the calls and another is to control the volume of songs.

It has a good frequency response for clear highs and lows and consists of soft and comfortable silicone caps.

– Pros

  • Soft silicone caps ensure good comfort and noise isolation
  • Separate buttons for control calls and volume
  • More portable and easy to carry anywhere you want

– Cons

  • We did not discover any cons in these headphones at this price range.

GOLDSTEIN STAR Smart QC10 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

This is also one of the best headphones available under the price range of Rs.150

These headphones are connected via Bluetooth only and the Bluetooth version used for connection is 4.1

These headphones have three separate buttons of which one is used to answering or rejecting calls.

The remaining two buttons are used to select forward song/increase volume and previous song/ decrease volume.

– Pros

  • Separate buttons for various functions
  • Compact design and more durable to withstand daily hard usage
  • Good sound quality along with a good built-in microphone

– Cons

  • You need to change frequently for consecutive usage

Ultra Bass Samsung Earphones with Dolby Sound

These earphones are produced by Samsung with an ultra-bass and Dolby sound system.

You can expect the best sound quality and bass tones from these headphones.

But you cannot expect comfort while using it for a long period because these headphones cause severe pain when used for long hours.

This is due to the absence of soft earbuds or silicone caps and many earphones from Samsung provide good quality but do not have earbuds.

– Pros

  • Provide good bass and quality sound
  • Supports Dolby sound system for rich sound quality

– Cons

  • Absence of silicone caps results in severe pain in your ears

G S GOLDSTEIN STAR Pure Bluetooth Headphones

Another Bluetooth headphone is in the list of best headphones with super lightweight design.

The weight of these headphones is just 10 grams only and it supports multipoint technology.

Multipoint technology is nothing but connecting the headphones with more than one device.

The Bluetooth v4.1 is used in these headphones for a connection however the latest version of Bluetooth is v5.2

For the price range of Rs.150, Bluetooth v4.1 is good and provides a good connectivity range too.

– Pros

  • Multipoint technology allows connecting with more than one device
  • Super lightweight and compact design makes them more portable

– Cons

  • Low playback time that is 2 to 3.5 hours of playback time at full charge.

Earphones Universal Perfume GPR 411 Deep Bass Headphones

This is also one of the best headphones under 150 available in the list with the best features.

The soft earbuds and the design provide good comfort and noise isolation.

The tiny shape of earbuds will be suitable for all types of ears and the headphone is also very lightweight.

The in-line microphone enables hands-free communication and the integrated multi-function control comes in handy.

– Pros

  • Superior coated cable provides more durability
  • Provide good comfort while using it
  • Does not cause any pain when used for a long time

– Cons

  • We did not discover any cons in these headphones at this price range.

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