Best Electric Vegetable Chopper in India | Expert Reviews (2022)

Spending time in the kitchen is not a stressful job but what makes it a stressful duty is small tasks like chopping, cleaning, etc.

Chopping is one of the important tasks, but doing it with a kitchen knife will consume a lot of time.

You prepare a salad, desserts, or whatever, you need to undergo the chopping process to make them.

Chopping is a little bit stressful work but with the help of a manual or electric chopper, you can finish the work in an instant.

Vegetable choppers not only reduce your work but also cut the vegetables uniformly.

In this article, we will see the best electric vegetable choppers available in India which will save your time and energy.

But before that, you should know more about vegetable choppers, their types, and the parameters to watch while buying one (Buyer’s Guide), etc.

Before purchasing electric vegetable chopper, we highly recommend you to read our Chopper Buying Guide. So you can purchase best chopper according to your requirement. If you do not want to read buying guide then you can use below table of contents to directly go the List of best selling vegetable choppers.

Vegetable Chopper – An Important Kitchen Gadget ( Vegetable Chopper Buying Guide)

Undoubtedly, vegetable choppers are one of the important kitchen gadgets and time-saving gadgets for many households.

Since Indian Cuisine consists of a lot of different dishes such as curries, stews, gravies, tandoors, etc.

So, there will be a lot of variation in cutting vegetables that makes the eating experience interesting and new all the time.

The variation means some food requires chunky vegetable pieces, while other dishes require blocks, some require thin strips, etc.

To attain these types of variations, it is necessary to have a vegetable chopper in your kitchen.

How Will Vegetable Chopper Be Useful to You?

A vegetable chopper is one of the important gadgets or devices that every household should have in their kitchen.

It is very useful in many ways such as reducing your time in cutting, saving your energy, cutting vegetables in proper shape, etc.

If you are not skilled in chopping or not skilled in cutting vegetables in a unique shape, then a vegetable chopper will be very useful to you.

Using a knife to cut vegetables is also very dangerous because it may also run the risk of getting scratches and bleeds.

Vegetable choppers greatly reduce this risk and make them delicious without any risk.

Types of Vegetable Chopper

There are several types of vegetable choppers such as pulley type choppers, food processor choppers, etc. available in the markets.

But there are two main types of choppers that are used in all types of kitchens and they are

  • Electric Vegetable Choppers
  • Manual Vegetable Choppers

Both manual and electric choppers are boon to the people who are looking to finish up their work in the kitchen quickly.

Electric Vegetable Choppers

In electric vegetable choppers, the chopping activities are done automatically by electricity.

You just need to connect the chopper to the electricity and then put in the vegetables you want to chop.

Then press the button to get the chopped vegetables without any manual force.

It saves both your time and energy but it consumes electricity while doing the chopping process.

The electric vegetable choppers are more expensive than the manual vegetable choppers but they have their own advantages too.

We will also see the list of best electric choppers in India that will save both your time and energy.

Manual Vegetable Choppers

There are many types of manual vegetable choppers available in the markets.

Not all manual vegetable choppers have the same mechanism because some choppers do have different mechanisms like slicing, cutting, grinding, etc.

Manual vegetable choppers require manual power, that is, you need to put some force to get the job done.

The force produced by pulling, rotating, or pushing is enough to cut or slice or chop the vegetables.

However, many modern-day manual vegetable choppers require a little amount of manual power to get the sliced/chopped vegetables.

When compared to electric choppers, manual choppers have some disadvantages.

It is because manual choppers require some effort and time to chop or slice the vegetables but electric choppers do the same work without any effort and also finish it very quickly.

Advantages of Vegetable Choppers

There are a lot of advantages to using vegetable choppers and some of them are listed below.

  • In these fast-paced times, vegetable choppers will help you to save time by completing the kitchen chores quickly.
  • It is most suitable for people who do not have time and patience to stand in a kitchen for hours to slice or chop.
  • Choppers can also be used for bulk chopping and store the chopped vegetables for later use too.
  • Choppers are easy to use and come in different sizes and with different functions to give a better experience.
  • Garlic will leave an unpleasant odor if you cut them by hand but with the help of choppers, this problem will be eliminated.
  • Other kitchen items like chilies (burning sensation in hands) and onions (tears rolling down) also have a tough time while chopping but choppers eliminate that problem too.

Things You Need to Consider (as a buyer) Before or While Buying Vegetable Chopper

Now you know about the vegetable chopper’s usage, its types, advantages, etc.

Let’s get into the main focus of the article and that is buying a vegetable chopper.

There are certain parameters you need to consider before or while buying a vegetable chopper.

We will give you the list of parameters to check before or while buying a vegetable chopper.

Take it as a simple buying guide for people who are willing to buy a vegetable chopper.


Always prefer a chopper that can perform various tasks such as chopping, slicing, grinding, etc.

It would help you to save a lot of time and energy in chopping and make your dish more delicious too.

In our list also, we have some choppers with multitasking and versatility so you can pick anyone from the list.

Capacity and Storage

While buying a vegetable chopper, you should check the volume of the container in mind.

If you are going to chop a very small amount of vegetables, then the chopper with a small container is enough for you.

But if you are going to chop vegetables on a large scale, then you must get a chopper with a large container.

With the large container, you can store the chopped vegetables in the refrigerator for later use too.

So consider the capacity of the chopper while buying the vegetable chopper.


Safety is another concern in vegetable choppers so you should give proper attention while buying a new one.

Check whether the blades of the chopper are covered or sealed otherwise you will cut your fingers while working with them.

Also, ensure that the chopper is safe or not when washing it because while dishwashing you may have the risk of cutting your hands.

We have done some research in this section (because safety is very important) and come up with some safety features in choppers.

  • Overheating protection – Check whether the chopper does not heat up often when it is near the burner. Some latest electric models automatically stop the chopper from reaching a high temperature.
  • Locking lids – It will be helpful in locking the chopper in a secure position so that the chopper will be stable.
  • Non-slip Handles – It is very important for manual choppers because your hands should not slip and be exposed to the blades.
  • Blade protection – Among all the above protection, this is the most needed protection to safeguard your hands from the chopper.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The catch trays and bowls are very helpful in storing chopped pieces and they should be easy to clean.

While washing electric choppers, you should pay extra attention and ensure that you have unplugged them.

Also, give some attention to whether it is easy to clean and maintain or not.

Because some food is lodged inside the chopper blades, and the removal of these particles should also be easy.

Another thing you have to do after washing electric choppers is making them dry before the next usage.

So buy a chopper that will not make your surroundings look dirty and also the cleaning process should not be as difficult as other normal choppers.

Size and Material

The size of the chopper should be compact so that you can store it anywhere in your kitchen.

Always try to buy a vegetable chopper with a small size and multiple functions.

Also check whether the material used in the chopper, catch trays, and work bowls are of good quality.

If the chopper and container are made of stainless steel then you do not need to worry because it will not break.

If the container is made of polycarbonate then you need not worry because it is a break-resistant material. 

Mostly catch trays and work bowls of vegetable chopper comes in two materials and they are

  • Plastic – It comes in handy while using because it is a lightweight and strong material. It is easy to hold and does not break easily while dropping it down by mistake.
  • Glass – It is also a handy material because it does not warp like plastic while heating. But it is a little bit heavier and expensive than plastic. You need to keep an eye on glass catch trays because they are breakable.

BPA Free

You should also check whether the plastic is BPA-free or not because the chopped vegetables have come into contact with the plastics.

BPA stands for Bisphenol A which is known to disrupt the endocrine system of the body.

Always look for a material that is not harmful to your health. BPA-free choppers are expensive but they are safe to use.

Blades (Stainless Steel) and Cuts

Blades are a very important material to notice while buying a vegetable chopper because blades are responsible for cutting and slicing.

Give attention to blades and check whether it is made of stainless-steel blades because stainless steel does not rust out, stain or chip easily.

Also, check the blades are sharp enough to cut vegetables without any difficulties.

You can also change the size and shape of the cut by using different blades and a manual vegetable chopper has an advantage over it.

There are different blades and some may come with vegetable chopper include:

  • Chopping Blades – It cuts the vegetables into bite-size cubes.
  • Slicing Blades – It cuts the vegetables into thin and uniform pieces.
  • Wedging Blades – It cuts fruits and vegetables into uniform wedges.
  • Ribbon Blades – The resulting vegetables are in long and noodle-like cuts due to thin rotation.
  • S-Shaped Blades – These are standard blades that come with electric choppers and chop vegetables into non-uniform shapes.
  • Dicing Blades – It is similar to chopping blades, but the chopped vegetable cubes are much smaller.
  • Spiral Blades – It is similar to ribbon blades but cuts vegetables into narrower strips.
  • Crinkle-Cut Blades – It cuts lines in one direction to create waffle cuts.

Always prefer to buy a vegetable chopper with a maximum number of changing blades.

So that you can do multitasking like whipping, crushing, shredding, etc in one single product.

Power Consumption and Motor

Electric choppers require electricity to work and the functions vary according to the different power inputs.

Mini versions of choppers require a small amount of power between 70 watts to 100 watts.

Some large food choppers used in food industries require more than 1200 watts to operate and the output will be also very good.

But for home, the efficient and good power consumption will be around 175 watts to 400 watts.

Usually, a vegetable chopper with 175 watts of power consumption also is good enough for efficient chopping at home.

The motors are also very important because hard vegetables are cut into pieces by the combination of powerful motors and strong blades.

The powerful motors can chop vegetables easily within no time. So you should select the motor with faster rotation and power.

List of Best Electric Vegetable Choppers In India With Pros & Cons

Now you have a better understanding of both manual and electric vegetable choppers.

But like we said earlier, electric choppers have some advantages over manual choppers so we will see only the list of best electric vegetable choppers.

We have done a lot of research and found out the best electric vegetable choppers for you and the list has been given below.

Orpat Express Chopper (250-Watt)

Orpat Express choppers are helpful in chopping foods in a uniform size whether the vegetable is potato or beetroot.

This chopper uses a powerful motor that will chop hard vegetables like cabbage, potato, beetroot, etc.

Another advantage of this chopper is it does not produce much noise while chopping the vegetables.

You can use this chopper for multipurpose and it consists of a 700 ml container which is very useful in storing the chopped vegetables.

The power supply for this chopper is around 220V to 240V and the power pod is easy to use with one-touch pulsing.

The power consumption of this chopper is 250 watts which are good enough to chop vegetables effectively.

The blades are also very powerful and ensure long and easy chopping for the users.

– Pros

  • Compact and more durable
  • Powerful and Noiseless motor creates a very little sound
  • The volume of the container (700 ml or 0.7 liters) is good enough for storing chopped vegetables

– Cons

  • Once the parts become dull or broken then it may be a problem because of spare parts availability.

Inalsa Bullet Chopper (400-Watt) with Twin Blade

This chopper is one of the best choppers available on the list because it has several things to make your kitchen work easier.

It comes with a 400-watt motor that performs various tasks like chopping, dicing, and crushing effectively.

It also works with low noise and the press button is at the top of the chopper which makes it more convenient in using this chopper.

The twin blade technology is used to chop or dice the hard vegetables without any difficulties.

The bowl capacity (900 ml) is higher than the previous chopper (700 ml) but with that, you can store a decent amount of chopped vegetables.

However, this chopper is also made of plastic but what made it more special is that it is made of unbreakable ABS plastic which lasts longer than other ordinary choppers.

– Pros

  • Large container to store more chopped vegetables
  • Less noise and smooth working while chopping
  • Twin Blade technology provides efficient chopping

– Cons

  • We did not find any notable cons in this chopper

Glen Mini Vegetable Chopper Turbo (250-Watts)

Glen mini vegetable chopper performs its task of chopping perfectly because of the 200 watts powerful motor.

But you can process small quantities of food or vegetables in it because it has 400 ml of bowl capacity.

It is lower when compared to the previous chopper but you can do it twice to get the perfect chopped vegetables or food.

The twin blades in this chopper have rust-resistance because it is made of stainless steel.

The anti-skid base helps to maintain the stability of the chopper and ensures that the chopper does not move while in operation.

However, the bowl capacity is 500 ml but it does not break so easily because it is made of break-resistant material polycarbonate.

It is made of ABS plastic so it is more durable than other vegetable choppers.

– Pros

  • Made of rust resistance blades and has a break resistance polycarbonate bowl.
  • An anti-skid base ensures the stability of the chopper while working.
  • Easy to use and more convenient

– Cons

  • It is heavier (1 kg) and the bowl capacity (400 ml) is also lower when compared to other choppers.

Home Plus Electric Vegetable Chopper (250 Watts)

This is also another mini vegetable chopper that can do several tasks and save your time.

The container of this chopper is made of polycarbonate which is transparent and difficult to break.

It can chop vegetables like onion, tomato, carrots and is also used for meat mincing too.

Just add pieces of boneless meat and use the chopper in the same way as chopping vegetables.

The dual blade system present in this chopper cuts the food or vegetable faster than the single blade system.

The whisking blade is used for liquid items such as butter, beating an egg, beating coffee, lassi, buttermilk, curd, etc.

The 250 watts motor is powerful enough to chop some hard and raw vegetables.

– Pros

  • UV coated color with scratch-proof surface ensures the fresh look of the chopper for a long time.
  • Dual blade technology helps in chopping hard vegetables and is also used for beating liquid items.
  • Break free jar and easy push-button comes in handy.

– Cons

  • It is heavier (1 kg 260 grams) and the bowl capacity (500 ml) is also lower when compared to other choppers.

Borosil Chef Delite Chopper (300-Watt)

This chopper has a more powerful motor (300 watts) than some of the choppers we have listed above.

The more powerful motor means, then the efficiency is also more powerful, that is, chopping of vegetables and other items.

It has a 600 ml container in which you can store the chopped vegetables for later use.

This chopper has a larger container than the previous two choppers and it also has dual stainless steel blades.

Another best thing in this chopper is inbuilt thermal cut-off which will work when the motor reaches a high temperature.

It will automatically cut off due to the motor’s safety because more heat causes damage to the motor and other electric circuits.

While washing this chopper it does not harm or hurt your fingers because it has some safety features.

But the main thing is you should not use this chopper to grind or chop the extra hard items like frozen foods, ice, rice, coffee, etc.

– Pros

  • The inbuilt thermal auto cut-off for motors safety comes in handy
  • Convenient to use and has safety features while dishwashing
  • Powerful 300 watts motors with 100% copper winding

– Cons

  • It does not grind hard items as well as liquid items because it will damage the chopper.

Kelexx Mini Electric Multipurpose Food Chopper (200-Watts)

It is also one of the best electric vegetable choppers available on the list because of its powerful blades and other functions.

It contains 4 powerful blades which can chop or crush all kinds of soft or hard items such as ice cubes, frozen fruit, etc.

You can also use this chopper to perfectly grind meat by just putting the boneless chicken and pressing the push switch.

The blades, bowl, storage lid, etc in this chopper are extremely dishwasher safe.

It is a mini-chopper so having a 200-watt motor is sufficient and with this power, it can even chop the hard items due to its strong blade.

It also performs multiple tasks such as grinding, blending, etc and stores the items in a 600 ml container.

This chopper does not break so easily because it is made up of ABS plastic or resin.

– Pros

  • Provide complete safety while operating and washing
  • Powerful blades that even chop ice cubes and frozen fruits
  • Perform multiple tasks and easy to use

– Cons

  • We did not find any notable cons in this chopper.

ORPIO Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinders (700-Watt)

This chopper is also one of the best electric choppers on our list because it has several functions and usages.

It has the largest container in our entire list of best electric choppers list with 2 liters of bowl capacity.

Also, the powerful 700-watt motor is also good enough to chop anything and it also comes up with a brake function.

The bowl of this chopper is made of stainless steel which makes them unbreakable and portable.

It also has 2-speed levels and they are low-speed control and high-speed control.

The low-speed control is ideal for chopping vegetables, fruits, garlic, pepper, etc.

While high-speed control is perfect for hard vegetables like pumpkin, cabbage, even grind meat too.

It has anti-rust properties because both the blades and container are made of stainless steel.

– Pros

  • Anti-scalding and anti-fall lid make it more convenient to use
  • Non-slip shock absorbing cushion comes in handy
  • Large container (2 liters) with the unbreakable build (stainless steel)
  • Powerful motors (700 watts) with brake function

– Cons

  • The food should be equal to or more than the lower blade and should not be used for sticky substances like bread with cream, flour with egg.

Eternal Mini Electric Powerful Chopper

This is another mini electric chopper that can chop ginger, garlic, onion, etc. with its strong blades.

This mini chopper is lightweight and compact so you can carry it wherever you want.

You can also charge it and use it multiple times without the need to plug in a power cord.

The battery of this chopper is also good and it takes nearly 3 to 4 hours to charge fully.

But the only problem is the capacity of the bowl which is 250 ml only but it is enough for the mini electric chopper.

This chopper is more convenient and easier to use for everyone and it provides fast chopping which will save your time.

This chopper has 3 blades which are strong and made of stainless steel so it does not corrode or rust.

The motors and blades are easier and safer to clean because of the presence of a safety lid between the bowl and motor.

– Pros

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Portable and more convenient to use
  • Chargeable chopper with a long-lasting battery

– Cons

  • The volume of the container (250 ml) is very low to store the chopped items.

GETKO Electric chopper (700 Watts)

This electric chopper is also one of the best electric choppers available in this list because of its multitasking activities.

The 4 stainless steel blades along with a powerful 700 watts motor can chop anything without any difficulties.

Another main advantage of this chopper is its large container (2 liters) which is also one of the largest on our list.

It is easy to wash and operate thus making it one of the best and safest choppers on the list.

It is more convenient by offering you a lot of flexibility and with just one simple button to operate it.

It has two-speed controls in which the low-speed options (I Gear) are used to chop or grind soft foods like garlic, peppers, onions, etc.

While the high-speed option (II Gear) is used to chop or grind hard foods like meat, beans, carrot, etc. 

Other functions like anti-scalding, anti-fall lid, and non-slip rubber mats will make you more convenient in using this chopper.

– Pros

  • Large volume container (2 liters) and two speeds levels (I Gear and II Gear) comes in handy
  • Non-slip rubber mats provide more stability while operating
  • Blades with stainless steel and 700 watts motor makes cutting a simple task 

– Cons

  • We did not find any notable cons in this chopper.

Lee Star Multipurpose Stainless-Steel Chopper

This chopper can also be used for multiple purposes such as chopping, grinding, beating eggs, etc.

This chopper has a powerful 250 watts motor with powerful blades to chop both hard and soft items.

The blades are made of stainless steel so that it does not rust out or stain soon.

The container is also large enough to store chopped vegetables and it is made of break-resistant material.

The transparency of the container will help you to know what vegetables or fruits are inside the container.

Other properties of this chopper are also proving that it can do various tasks with those blades and motors.

It also helps in beating eggs, cream, butter, lassi, buttermilk, etc., and does not cause any damage to the motors.

The anti-skid base provides more stability while the air-tight lid does not allow anything to spill out while operating.

This chopper will give you the best experience in the kitchen by offering quality chopping and other functions like whisking, crunching, crushing, etc.

– Pros

  • Break-resistant and rust-resistant chopper with powerful blades
  • The anti-skid base and the airtight lid comes in handy
  • The container has enough volume (700 ml) to store chopped vegetables

– Cons

  • We did not see any notable cons in this chopper.

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