Vikram Vedha is a WINNER for big screen entertainment.

by sayyad


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Remakes are always tricky. At times, the movie is a hit, and the film falls flat on its face.

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Vikram Vedha comes in the former category. This movie is among the much more complex screenplays of modern times. 

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The report of this action thriller speaks volumes about Pushkar & Gayatri's control over their work. 

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The movie's high points include Saif Ali Khan's preface, which reaches its height.

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Hrithik Roshan's arrival is the plot twist at the end of the first story and the intermission block. 

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The momentum goes on with the second half as well, specifically the last 45 minutes, which elevates the impact of the whole story. 

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The romantic path of Saif Ali Khan and his wife doesn't land as well as predicted and adds to the run-time.

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The music is not so good and warranted at least one chartbuster.

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This is a dialogue-heavy film with one-liners that are certain to result in numerous clap-trap moments for the audience.

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Overall, Vikram Vedha is an action thriller designed to be experienced on the big screen to celebrate the presence of Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan together.