Riteish Deshmukh and Tamannaah Bhatia's upcoming movie is released soon 

by sayyad


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Plan A plan B movie release date is out on 30 September 2022. 

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The lead actors in this movie are Tamanna Bhatia and Ritesh Deshmukh. 

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Also, Poonam Dhillon and Kushu Khalipa made remarkable appearances in the movie.

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The movie was directed by Shashank Ghosh and scripted by Rajat Arora. 

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An uptight advocate specializing in divorce and a matchmaker with a broken heart is a combo that spells rom-com paradise. 

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It starts with Kaustubh Chougule (Deshmukh), aka Kosty, delivering a speech to a pair on the brink. 


She is from the North, he is from the South, and that's adequate reason for our Kosty to itemize the contrast between Bhangra and Bharatnatyam, ghee, and coconut oil.

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He is suited-booted, his beard is neatly combed, and his shirt buttoned down, and He requires everything to be aligned neatly. 

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She still suffers from a lost love, uses ice cream as a cure-all for all ills, and occurs in carefully disordered hair-and-attire, which must have taken the stylist hours to put together. 

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They have co-working areas right next to each other, and sparks fly.