Naane Varuven review: Dhanush owns the screen 

by sayyad


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Selvaraghavan’s Naane Varuven marks his reunion with Dhanush, he worked because it was under-promoted. 

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The moviemakers didn’t release a trailer that helped the film to leave the desired impact on the audiences.

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The film tries to mix multiple genres and it succeeds in making that concoction. 

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The story revolves around the twin brothers. After a series of incidents, they get separated and began to live separate lives.

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The whole first half is terrifically built, and the entire credit goes to Selvaraghavan for taking the paranormal route.

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The films give enough softening moments in the first half to make someone appreciate why Selvaraghavan is an ace storyteller.

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The film becomes primarily predictable when it reaches the second half and there’s a a specific haste in finishing off the story.

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Dhanush owns both the roles, he gets to perform to the gallery, it’s as Prabhu that he is more believable. 

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In Selvaraghavan’s world, you can discover a few Kathirs but it’s occasional to come across a Prabhu and Dhanush.

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There’s not much scope for other actors as the story is mainly based on Dhanush’s double role.